Will Costco Put New Lenses in Old Frames?

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Will Costco Put New Lenses in Old Frames

Many people who wear glasses love their frames and have worn them for years. You take care of them, clean them, move with them, and even go so far as to incorporate them into your daily look.


If this is you, you probably aren’t looking to buy a new set of frames, but rather for eyeglass lens replacement. And where better to do this than a place you often frequent: Costco. This begs the question, will Costco put new lenses in old frames?


Costco’s Policy on Frames and Lenses

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is tricky. It’s entirely dependent on the Costco location and what their optical team decides. While Costco sells frames and lenses, they aren’t keen on making repairs, especially to frames they don’t sell or expensive frames.


This applies even more to eyeglass lens replacement. Costco might do an in-store repair like replacing screws, nose pads, or adjusting the arms. However, it doesn’t appear that any Costco location ships out glasses for repair or eyeglass lens replacement.


Costco doesn’t even have a warranty for the frames they sell regarding scratches, breaks, or repairs.


Not to worry, though. Getting eyeglass lens replacements for the frames you know, and love is incredibly simple with services like rx-able.com.


How Rx-able.com Compares to Costco for Eyeglass Lens Replacement

Costco is incredibly picky when it comes to eyeglass lens replacement. They can deny your repair or replacement based on size, shape, lens type, prescription, and brand.


They can even cause you trouble asking for adjustments to frames you purchased from their optical center only two years prior. That’s not a very long time for a business to offer updates to their merchandise.


Contrarily, Rx-able.com accepts virtually any frames or prescription type. It seems to be the exact opposite of what Costco’s optical center provides. While Rx-able.com doesn’t sell frames, it does offer an incredibly wide variety of eyeglass lens replacements to fit your lifestyle best.


Not to mention, there are no time limits to compatibility or serviceability. You can happily keep wearing the frames you love most for years to come, worry-free.


The Rx-able.com Eyeglass Lens Replacement Process

With Rx-able.com, you can do everything from the comfort of your own home (minus your appointment with an optician).


Step 1 – Browse for Eyeglass Lens Replacements

The Rx-able.com website makes it easy to find the eyeglass lens replacement that’s right for you. Take your time, sit back, enjoy your coffee, and scroll away until you find exactly what you’re looking for.


Step 2 – Send in Your Frames

You’ll have to part from your beloved frames for a little while, but we promise it’ll be worth it. Once your order for eyeglass lens replacements is confirmed, we send you a free pre-paid shipping label. All you have to do is stick it on a box and wait for the mailperson to whisk it away.


Step 3 – We Craft Your Lenses

No one’s prescription is the same. The Rx-able.com lab takes your unique eyeglass lens replacement prescription and cuts the lens you ordered to fit your eyes and frames. You’ll be seeing clearly in no time.


Step 4 – We Deliver Your new-and-improved Frames

Okay, we don’t hand-deliver them. But they do arrive in the mail promptly and at no additional cost to you. You’ll receive tracking information and can expect them between 3 and 5 days. From there, it’s up to you how you want to proceed: wear them immediately, put them under a glass dome on your bookshelf—whatever you want. Rx-able.com doesn’t judge.


The Types of Eyeglass Lens Replacements Can I Get from Rx-able.com

Rx-able.com offers three types of eyeglass lens replacements: Single Vision, Bifocal, and Progressive. If you’re wondering which type is best for you, then take a look below.


Single Vision Eyeglass Lens Replacements

These eyeglass lens replacements are best for solving one type of sight issue. Whether you’re near-sighted or far-sighted, the single vision lenses from Rx-able.com are a perfect choice—but not if you suffer from both.


Bifocal Lens Replacements

These lenses have a visible dividing line in the center or roughly near the center. One side of that line corrects near-sightedness, and the other side corrects far-sightedness.


Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses offer the same level of correction as bifocals (or even trifocals). These eyeglass lens replacements don’t have the visible dividing line, offering a cleaner look and softer transition between the two.


Costco’s Eyeglass Lens Replacement Offerings

While Costco does offer these three lens types in their optical department, it comes with two major downsides.


The first is that you must be a Costco member to benefit from any facility's savings or services. If you’re already a member, then that isn’t a problem, but becoming a member solely for access to their optical department isn’t the most frugal decision. Rx-able.com doesn’t require a membership, for comparison.


The second issue is with compatibility and serviceability—again. For one, you’ll most likely have to purchase a new set of glasses from their department to update your lenses. They don’t offer eyeglass lens replacement only, but maybe in some cases (there’s little way to tell). And if you do get a new set of glasses, they seem to only guarantee service for two years, which isn’t that long.


Weighing in the Facts About Rx-able.com

With Rx-able.com, you can get high-quality eyeglass lens replacements at an incredible price. We all love to believe that Costco can’t be beat when it comes to price, but Rx-able.com takes the cake here.


Compatibility with your frames, choice of eyeglass lens replacement type, fast service, and easy on your wallet. Rx-able.com is the one shop you need for anything related to your lenses. 

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