Why are Eyeglass Frames so Expensive?

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Why are Eyeglass Frames so Expensive

It’s no question that eyecare, in general, can be very expensive! From the time you enter the doctor’s office for your eye exam to the moment you exit the building with your new glasses, it is possible to have accumulated various charges for eye care products and services. The eye exam, eyeglass frames, eyeglass lenses, eyeglass lense replacements, additional lens services, contact lenses, and sometimes, even more, can contribute to high eye care costs. Although we need all of the services and products for healthy eyes and eyesight, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that these yearly charges can weigh heavily on our wallets. 

One of the most significant expenses every year at the Optometrists’ office are eyeglass frames. Whether you’re choosing designer frames or a more generic brand, eyeglass frames can range from $50 to upwards of $900. And, as you may know, the lower-cost frames are often not designed to be stylish. They may also not be created with materials that will allow the frames to last past one year of use. More expensive frames are often designed with more care and consideration of preferences and fashion. Also, they are often created in a way that allows them to stay intact for longer. However, paying for these frames every year can be an actual financial burden.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize that they do not have to make this expensive purchase every year! If you find a pair of frames that you feel good wearing, it is perfectly acceptable to seek out lens replacement options each year. This will cut down on a yearly expense that many of us have grown to dread from year to year. So, why are eyeglass frames so expensive in the first place? And, what can consumers do to keep yearly eye care costs down?

You Get What you Pay For

Heading to RX-able.com and ordering replacement lenses is a sure way to cut down your yearly eyecare bill! For this money-saving plan to work, it is essential for you first to choose a pair of frames that will satisfy your needs for a few years. Here are a few quick tips to help you choose the right frames so you may use the RX-able.com eyeglance lens replacement method to save money: 

  • Choose frames that are in a more neutral color and avoid “fast fashion” styles. Essentially, you want to pick frames that you will happily wear for years to come. 
  • Please bring a friend to this portion of your appointment and advise you on what they know about your personal preferences.
  • Ask a friend or an employee to take a picture of you in a couple of your favorite options. This will help you view yourself from the perspective others may see. 
  • Ask your doctor or assistant for their advice on more durable frames than frames that may fall apart quickly. 
  • Avoid making a decision too quickly. You can even head home to think about it first and return later to order the frames that still impress you after you step away for a short amount of time.

Rx-able.com was created to understand that the various charges people endure for quality eye care are often overwhelmingly expensive for many. Eyeglass frames are one of the main expenses known for costing consumers the most money each year. And although it is refreshing to update your frames periodically, it is a charge that is not necessary to pay for each year. To use eyeglass lens replacement as a method to reduce costs, you need to choose a pair of frames that suit you and make you proud to wear them for a few years. When picking your frames, it is suggested that you avoid styles that will quickly go out of style within one to two years. Bring a trusted friend to your lens to your try-on session to provide advice and support when you’re picking your frames. Also, don’t feel pressed to make a quick decision! It is acceptable to take a moment away from the frames so you can return later with a fresh view. 

Keep in mind that when you replace your lenses, you can pick different types of lenses than you had before! At Rx-able.com, we have lenses for various kinds, colors, and specialties to meet your needs. Our site carries single vision, progressive lenses, and even lined bifocal lens options. Also, RX-able.com offers clear lenses, transition lenses, and polarized lenses for customers who would like to try different color alternatives. We live in a day and age where most of us work with technology daily, and blue-blocker lenses are known for protecting the eye from harmful lights emitted by screens. Rx-able.com carries blue-blocker lenses and, like other lenses, for an affordable price!


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