How do you Replace Eyeglass Lenses?

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How do you Replace Eyeglass Lenses

Accidents can happen, so it is not uncommon for glasses to be dropped or sat on, resulting in scratches on the lenses or the lenses popping out of the frame. If the frames themselves are unharmed, then you may want to consider simply replacing the eyeglass lenses rather than the whole frame. 

You may be looking for an eyeglass lens replacement if your lens prescription has changed, but you still like the current frames you have. 

You can easily replace your old prescription with your new one, which will help your vision and save you money!


How to Replace Eyeglass Lenses?

Each frame is slightly different, but in general, replacing your eyeglass lenses depends on what type of frame you have – a plastic frame or metal frame. We will talk you through both below. If you know the make and model of your frames, it might be worth searching them up online to see if there are any step by step guides specific to your particular frames.


Plastic Frames

In some plastic frames, the lenses are held in place by a tiny screw that must be loosened to pop the lens out of the frame. You will need a screwdriver to do this; however, you will not find one this size in your toolbox. Many glasses repair kits can be bought, including a mini screwdriver small enough for this job. 

Plastic frames can also be manipulated slightly to help ease the lens out of them. However, it is essential not to overheat them as this can warp the plastic and may melt your frames, meaning that you will then need an entirely new set of glasses. 

Heating your frames can be done quickly at home, as long as you are careful. Placing your glasses in hot, not boiling water may help with this, or using a hairdryer on them to heat the material. This should only be done for around one minute. 

Try and pop out the lenses by pushing gently on the back of them. If they don't pop out easily, then place them back under a heat source. 


Metal Frames

Metal frames cannot be put under heat as they won't loosen up to make the lens easier. Look for screws that you can use a small screwdriver on to help remove the lens. 

Usually, these screws are found next to the nose on the glasses or around the glasses' rim. There may be more than one screw for each lens so check carefully. 

Since metal frames cannot be manipulated as much as plastic ones, they are more challenging to replace the lenses in. It may be worth contacting a professional to do this for you. Our team at are seasoned professionals for eyewear, and our experts can change your lenses in no time, without damaging the frames. 


Glasses with No Screws

Some frames may not have any screws holding the lenses in place – these frames can be plastic or metal and tend to be more difficult to replace as the frames are tighter around the lenses to keep them in place. 

You can attempt to use the heat method on plastic frames, as previously discussed. However, be very careful as popping lenses out of frames like this could lead to you using too much force and snapping the frames themselves. 

We would recommend using a professional service to ensure that your frames are kept in good condition. 


Using a Professional Service 

If you are still unsure about trying to replace your eyeglass lenses yourself, then is here to help. There are many advantages to using a professional service – not only will it save you the time and hassle, but you can also rest assured that your new lenses are fully secured, meaning you won't have them popping out of the frame later down the line. 

We can also save you money in the long run, ensuring that both your lenses and your frames are kept in excellent condition. Why run the risk of snapping your frames and having to fork out for another pair when we can replace the lenses for you quickly and easily. 


How Does Work?

We are eye care experts who prioritize quality service and your eye health over profit. We are an online company, who work remotely, so you don't have to worry about booking an appointment time slot in store. 

It couldn't be easier – send us your glasses, tell us what lenses you would like added to them, and we will replace them before sending them straight back to your door.

We understand that you can't be without your glasses for long, so our fast turnaround time minimizes how long you are left without them. Postage is free both ways, meaning that you will not be shocked by any extra hidden charges. 

As well as delivering quality eye care, our experts are also here to save you time and money. We can work to your schedule and give them straight back to you – instead of you having to take time out of your day to go to a regular optician. Our service offers lower prices than our competitors, both online and on the high street, without reducing the quality of our expertise. 



To summarise, eyeglass lens replacement can be done at home; however, it is risky as you could break or melt your frames – leading to a costly bill! 

Instead, here at, we can do the hard work for you, taking away all your stress and worries, leaving you with new lenses fitted by eyewear experts. We can do this for you with as little as a 24-hour turnaround. So why not restore your vision today with It couldn't be easier, so contact us for a quote today. 

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