When Should I Replace My Eyeglass Lenses?

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When Should I Replace My Eyeglass Lenses

Choosing The Best Time To Do An Eyeglass Lens Replacement

 Choosing when to replace your eyeglass lenses can be a difficult task for a lot of people. This is down to the overabundance of opinions on the subject of replacing your lenses on the internet. Therefore, our mission is to give you some advice on what you should be looking out for so that you choose the best time to do an eyeglass lens replacement, allowing you to take care of your eye health better and give you a more painless daily experience.

So, What Should I Look Out For?

Our eye care specialists note that there are five primary things to look out for, which can signify that you should replace your eyeglass lenses. These are:

  • Squinting too much.
  • Common headaches.
  • Seeing doubles through the lenses.
  • Years since your last pair of glasses.
  • The lenses are scratched or damaged in some way.


There are many more aspects to your lenses and how they can affect your overall experience, eye health, and more. Still, we'll be focusing on the common five problems in this article – equipping you with the right information so that you can choose the correct moment to do an eyeglass lens replacement.


Squinting Too Much

Squinting too much when using your regular pair of eyeglasses is one of the most common problems people face. It could mean that you need a new prescription as your eyes have changed since your last lenses. It could also mean that the lenses you previously had were either not a fit for your eyes. Too much squinting can put unnecessary strain on your eyes.

If you continue using your lenses and squinting, it can cause further damage to your eyes. So, watch out for when you find yourself squinting too much.

Common Headaches

Common headaches are also a crucial factor to look for. This is because your brain and eyes will be working extra hard to adjust for old prescription lenses, leading to muscle strain and potentially further damage to your eye health. Any time you find yourself using your glasses and suffering from headaches on a common basis, it is most likely related to your eyeglass’s lenses.

Seeing Double 

The next most common indicator is when people begin to see double while wearing their glasses. This occurs when you see two images of one object you are trying to focus on, and no matter how hard you squint or focus, the objects never quite meet up and become one.

Seeing double can also lead to other symptoms, such as discomfort or pain in and around eye muscles – especially the temples, and nausea when becoming severe. If you see double, make sure to get your eyes double-checked by an eye care expert to ensure you protect your sight.

Years Since Your Last Pair of Eyeglasses

It may seem common sense to have a full, comprehensive eye examination every two years, many people go more than the recommended period and use their old lenses for far longer than they should. It is important to follow this guideline as your eye health is directly related to your overall health and age, meaning it changes naturally over time regardless of the kind of work you do.


Our recommendation is to check with an eye care professional every two years to get an update on your prescription so that you can get the perfect eyeglass lens replacement.

Lenses Are Scratched, Aged, or Damaged

Commonly, lenses become scratched or damaged through normal wear and tear. When combined with the factor that a lot of people go longer than the regular two-year eye checkup schedule, this damage can directly impact your eye health.

Scratched lenses can prevent you from being able to see clearly, make your vision appear blurry and damaged frames can also make your eyeglasses sit incorrectly on your face. All of these problems can lead to similar symptoms that we've discussed so far – headaches, seeing double, blurry vision, and more.

Make sure any scratched lenses, damage, or aging is not affecting your vision. If it is, you need a new pair of lenses.


You Now Know What To Watch Out For

A glasses lens replacement can be a simple solution to many eye health problems that can impact your daily lives – one that can be easy to watch out for now that you know the potential problems that older lenses can cause.


If you would like further advice on when to get an eyeglass lens replacement or other problems you might be facing with your glasses, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our eye care specialists. We are always happy to help share information critical to your health and make sure you have the best lens replacement options available at affordable prices.


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