How Long Does It Take to Replace Lenses In Glasses?

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How Long Does It Take to Replace Lenses In Glasses?

It is very common for your lens prescription to change or have an accident with your glasses that could result in the lenses being replaced. Instead of choosing entirely new frames, which can be costly, you may want to consider simply replacing the lenses in your current frame. This will save you money, and you won’t need to decide on new frames if you are happy with the style that you have.


But how do you go about this, and how long does it take for glasses lens replacement? This article will discuss how to go about replacing your lenses, the average turnaround times, and what to expect.


Replacing Your Eyeglass Lenses

You can replace your eyeglass lenses at home if you already have new lenses to put in the frames. However, this can be fiddly. Check out our blog on how to replace eyeglass lenses if you think this might work for you but be aware that this is a fragile procedure that could lead to you breaking your frames, leading to a costly replacement.

On the other hand, we can help you replace the lenses in your frames by creating the lenses that are matched to your exact prescription, expertly fitting them, and sending them straight to your door. At, we are experts in eyesight, and using a service like ours comes with many benefits. Our experts are here to offer you high-quality service at a low-cost price. On top of this, we can save you the frustration, risk, and hassle of trying to replace them yourself. When it comes to something as important as your eyesight, it is worth trusting the professionals to ensure you can see clearly and get on with your life. Our goal is for you to see clearly, and your satisfaction is our priority.

How Do I Place My Order On

It couldn’t be easier – simply browse our range of high-quality, affordable lenses on our website and choose the ones that are right for you. Once you have selected the most suitable lenses, we will ask you further questions to ensure that we have all the information we need to replace your lenses quickly and get them back to you as soon as we possibly can.


The drop-down menu will ask you to specify what type of frame you want these lenses put into and whether you require any lens treatments or coatings such as anti-reflective coating. This coating is great if you use your glasses for driving at night where you will be facing stark headlights. or looking at bright computer screens.


Our team will then ask you for your prescription so that we can ensure that the lenses are the right strength to correct your vision. You can also upload a picture of yourself wearing your current frames, which will help us when centering your lenses, and you can add in any additional notes that you would like our team to know before they start the process of replacing your lenses.


How Long Does It Take For Glasses Lens Replacement?

Once your order has been placed with us here at, we will automatically send you a pre-paid mailing label, which will allow you to send us your original frames. This process approximately takes between 1 and 2 days. Once your frames arrive in our state of the art lens laboratory, we’ll start making your lenses to the original frames exact measurements to ensure a safe and secure fit. This will take us between one and two days also.


After we have fitted your new top-quality lenses into your glasses frame, we will return them to you for free using our delivery service. This means that you don’t have to pay a penny for shipping your frames either to us or back to you. Delivery can take between 2 and 3 days. Your frames will be delivered straight to your door, meaning that you will have avoided queues and busy appointment schedules at high street opticians. Some of these opticians end up sending your frames away to be refitted with new lenses, so using our service just means cutting out the middle man and saving on costs.


Our total turnaround time from the time you order to the moment they are returned to your home is approximately one week. For normal prescription lenses, this means that once we receive your frames, we can usually cut, edge, inspect, and ship your new lenses in the frames within 24 hours. However, it is important to note that some specialty lenses can take longer. If you find a cheaper service, let us know as we can price match your quote while giving you that free delivery each way.

To Conclude

Eyeglass lens replacement can be done at home. However, you may risk damaging your frames beyond repair. If you have to purchase new lenses anyway, why not let the experts do the hard work for you. Using a professional service such as ensures that your glasses lenses will be created and fitted by experts, at a low price, with a high-quality outcome. Not only that, you won’t have to pay expensive delivery fees or wait for an appointment at an optician's store.

So what are you waiting for? It couldn’t be easier. To restore your vision and save money, visit today to browse a range of lenses carefully handcrafted by our experts. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information – we would be more than happy to help. 

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