Why Zenni Optical is so Cheap

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 Why Zenni Optical is so Cheap

Vision remains an essential part of life. Those that wear eyeglasses know how costly and difficult it is for eyeglass lens replacement. The truth is that high-quality glasses from known traditional brands don't come cheap; this is the reason why online glasses seem to be taken over. The good thing is that they're still less expensive and still retain their quality. This, in turn, makes you look good. 

Many of us have worn glasses for years and have used them for too long without thinking of glasses lens replacement, simply because it is not easy to afford. Fortunately, Zenni Optical offers a cheaper alternative. In this write-up, we'll take a close look at Zenni Optical, which is an affordable preference when buying your glasses online.


What is Zenni Optical?

Zenni Optical is an online retailer that strictly sells sunglasses, eyeglasses, goggles, and sports glasses (prescribed and non-prescribed). This means they do not operate via a storefront or adopt a brick and mortar business pattern. 

This means they don't have a storefront or brick-and-mortar business model. All that you need can be gotten from their online platform. Considering the reviews and feedback from customers, it can be deduced that generally, customers are satisfied with the service. This has made Zenni Optical one of the top-ranked online eyeglass retailers. Also, there are lots of options for customers at an affordable price. 


Categories of Glasses Zenni Optical Offer. 

Zenni Optical does not just stop offering glasses lens replacement to its potential customers at affordable rates; they go beyond that to provide numerous frames that give customers options to select the perfect pair of glasses that suits them. After all, eyeglass is an essential part of one's face, forming his/her identity.

With Zenni Optical, you can have access to diverse selections that comprise all sizes and shapes. This also cuts across all purposes which you can think of. Their exciting inventory of glasses contains:

  • Square Glasses
  • Rectangle Glasses
  • Cat-eye Glasses
  • Round Glasses
  • Browline Glasses
  • Metal Glasses
  • Sunglasses
  • Aviator Glasses
  • Rimless Glasses
  • Sports Glasses
  • Clip-on sets
  • Goggles
  • Titanium Glasses
  • Half Rim Glasses

Apart from all these, you can also receive glasses best suited for Bifocal and Progressive lenses. Besides, the company makes use of its advanced frame fit technology. This enables them to get a perfect virtual fit of your ideal glasses by just taking a picture of your face. On your part, you need to measure the Pupil distance (don't worry, they'll assist you to do so). Every frame is exclusively crafted for each customer based on their specifications. Zenni Optical seems to take great caution when it comes to your glasses.


Why Zenni Optical is so cheap

The truth is that when it comes to companies that offer eyeglass lens replacement at an affordable price, Zenni Optical must be among the list. The company aims to provide glasses for anyone that needs it. For instance, they've frames starting as low as $6.95, which is among the lowest price for eyewear in the market. As stated earlier, the company offers lenses and frames in many shapes, styles, materials, colors, and sizes— all at an affordable price. Furthermore, scratch-proof lenses, as well as UV protection, are also integrated into the initial cost.


Order Online. 

This is among the favorite part of Zenni Optical that makes it cheaper. The majority of us dread going to the optometrist because it always seems to take too long to get what you need. For instance, you might need to be there to switch your current lens or pick up new contacts, or even to purchase an extra pair of glasses. But for Zenni Optical, the routine is different. The first step is to select the frames you intend to purchase. It's essential to make out time for this selection because there are many options to choose from. The next and final step will be to fill your prescription and any additional measurements. 


Cutting out all middlemen.

Many people have asked how Zenni Optical manages to offer the same glasses as the traditional stores at about 70% less. Well, the business model being operated by Zenni Optical is very simple and transparent. Over time, they intend to cut out all middlemen. This they've managed to do, thus giving them full control. This, in turn, saves many traditional expenses. All the savings from this process are then passed on to all potential customers, which means customers will be paying the glasses' actual cost. This makes the product cheap and affordable. 


All glasses are produced in house.

Furthermore, all glasses are designed, made, and assembled in Zenni Optical's factory, thereby eliminating any additional production cost. The Zenni studio is where each product starts. Here, they turn inspiration into sketches, which are then mapped out into mouthwatering designs. This starts the part of the unique frame production. All lenses are also produced in the Zenni Prescription Lab to be solid, anti-reflective, and even tinted if specified. The majority of the frames are produced using hypoallergenic acetate. This is then polished before shifting them to the Edging Labs, where the final assembly is carried out. Zenni Optical makes sure that any product's quality is not compromised throughout the entire stage of producing the glasses in all these processes. 



Before now, you are purchasing your needed glasses online from the comfort of your home has never been this easy. Thanks to Zenni Optical for providing their potential customers with durable eyeglasses at an affordable price, which makes Zenni special. With prices as low as $6.95, you can find what you need, which in turn allows you to purchase more than one pair to switch according to your mood, outfit, or even vision needs. 

Finally, with Zenni Optical virtual try-on technology and frame size finder, your eyeglass lens replacement is just a click away. 

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