Can You Put Prescription Lenses In Cheap Frames?

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Can You Put Prescription Lenses In Cheap Frames?

Replacing eyeglasses is one of the most expensive annual costs that consumers report. To buy brand new frames and lenses every single year can prove to be unnecessarily costly for the one buying them, but is this process really necessary? The answer is no, there is no need for you to replace your lenses and frames every single year, and therefore there is no need to spend this amount of money on a yearly basis. But how do you get around this cost? What is the solution?


The answer is simple. In order to avoid these expenses, you can simply get your lenses replaced each year and keep the frames, through Rx-Able’s cost-effective glasses lens replacement services. This means that you can begin to treat the purchase of your frames as a one-off investment that will last you several years, rather than an annual expense. This is a highly cost-effective way to update your prescription and lenses yearly at a must lower cost. However, there is one issue that this does not answer - frames are very expensive on their own, and this can still be an issue even if they are only bought once every few years. So, do you need to spend a lot on the frames at all? Or can you simply have lenses put into cheap frames?


The short answer is yes, you can have lenses put into cheaper frames, you can have lenses put into most frames without any issue, but should you have lenses put into cheap frames? Let’s look at some of the benefits and potential pitfalls of buying cheaper frames for your lenses.


  • They Cost Less

The most obvious upside of buying cheaper frames for your glasses is that they will cost you less money. This seems very simple, but it can actually contribute massively to the consumer’s choice in frames. As previously stated, the price of frames is one of the highest annual costs for glasses-wearers, so buying cheap frames to save money can make a huge difference.


  • Quick And Easy to Buy

Cheap frames can be ordered from pretty much any outlet, online, from your home, in under thirty minutes, which is a huge time-saver. Many people who work full time do not have the time to get frames fitted, so the fact that cheap ones can be bought so easily without having to go out is a massive benefit.


  • Compare Frames Easily

Another great thing about finding cheaper frames is that you can compare multiple products to one another very easily in order to find the ones that you really like or the shape that suits your face the most. The web naturally has more scope for comparison due to the sheer number of available items at the click of a button.



  • They Do Not Work As Well For More Complex Prescriptions

If you have a more complex prescription, then you may need to have your frames fitted explicitly to your face and your lenses fitted professionally, which often means that you are not able to choose your cheap frames but instead must choose frames at an optician where they can be fitted to you specifically.


  • They May Not Fit As Well

In addition to the previous point, there is also the general issue that cheaper frames may not fit as well, also due to the fact that they have not been fitted to your face by an optician. This can lead to discomfort when wearing the frames day-to-day as they can be too loose or too tight for you.

  • They May Break More Easily

Of course, there is also the issue that these frames can break more easily if they are not well made. This can even lead to being more expensive in the long run if you have to replace them more than once a year.

In conclusion, you do not have to spend a lot of money on your glasses frames - going for high quality, mid-range frames are sufficient as long as you do not have a complicated prescription. If you opt for frames that will last you several years and have the lenses replaced annually by Rx-Able, then there is no reason for your annual costs to be too high. Buying eyeglasses on either end of the spectrum (very cheap or very expensive) is probably not going to be worth it in the long run, so the best way to go is to buy moderately priced frames that will last you for a long time.

Rx-able offers a highly cost-effective eyeglass lens replacement service that takes the stress of replacing your glasses out of your hand. With a huge variety of different kinds of lenses to choose from and carrying lenses for all types of unique requirements, including colored lenses, single vision, progressive lenses, lined bifocal lens options, clear lenses, transition lenses, blue-light-blocking, and polarized lenses, you cannot go wrong with this service.

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