How Can I Prevent My Glasses From Fogging Up While Wearing A Mask?

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How Can I Prevent My Glasses From Fogging Up While Wearing A Mask

Indeed, wearing a mask for an extended period can create uneasiness, particularly in case you're not used to it. Individuals who wear glasses, those who remain restless about proper breathing, or those who wear masks for a longer time face various difficulties. 

Health specialists have been using masks as a basic requirement for their routine work. has introduced different helpful methods for overcoming several problems to reduce fogging up your glasses while wearing a mask. 

How Do My Glasses Fog Up?

For individuals with glasses, wearing a mask can cause fogging to their lenses, limiting their vision. As you exhale, your warm breath goes out in an upward direction from the top of the mask. When it hits the colder lens, it cools down and generates condensation or fogging.

Numerous individuals are religiously wearing masks to stop the spread of infection with COVID-19. On one side, wearing a mask is significant for public health, and on the other side, it is a great challenge for the ones wearing glasses. The fog appears when you wear a mask, and your warm breath hits the moderately cool surface of your glasses. 

Removing your glasses, again and again, to wipe them clear, and wearing them again, can be a cause of infection. However, stopping or limiting the fogging is the key.

Several Ways To Anti Fog Your Glasses has recommended various ways to keep your glasses anti fog and your vision clear when you're wearing a mask.

Choose Your Right Fit Mask

Numerous surgical masks include a bendable metal strip that permits the wearer to adjust the mask to their nose and cheeks. Yet, you need not get a medical mask to achieve the right fit. When you wear a fit mask, a significant amount of your breath should go through it, not go out to the top direction or the sides of it. (Here are few guidelines for wearing a face mask appropriately.) 

Use Tape As An Anti Fog For Glasses

Most health workers use tape as an anti fog for glasses while they work. In case you want to DIY it, tape your mask around your cheeks and across the bridge of your nose. You can utilize almost any kind of tape, be it surgical, adhesive, or athletic, but try avoiding the use of duct tape. Test the tape on the other part of your body to make sure it does not hurt your gentle facial skin. 

Pull Up Your Mask

A basic method to diminish the amount of fog on your glasses is to pull your mask higher all over your face and utilize the heaviness of your glasses on top of the mask to obstruct air progression. Regardless of whether this works will rely upon the shape and structure of your glasses. This method is best with bigger and thick frames.


Utilizing A Commercial Anti Fog Wipe or Spray

The anti fog wipe or spray can be very effective as well as very expensive. Remember that these sprays may not function on glasses with specific coatings, for example, anti smudge, anti glare, or anti fingerprint. It's crucial to read the fine print on every item then decide to purchase the appropriate sprays.


Utilizing Soap Water and Shaving Creams As An Anti Fog For Glasses

As more individuals battle with foggy glasses, a few home remedies are proving effective in this regard, incorporating treating your glasses with shaving cream, toothpaste, baby shampoo, or soapy water. These methods are helpful in some cases. Washing your glasses with soap water and allowing them to air dry can help to stop fogginess. That happens because the soap has the property to act as a surface-active agent or surfactant and provides a thin film that helps to prevent the fog.

There aren’t any researched data and adequate research studies done on these methods so far. So, the products like shaving cream, baby shampoo, toothpaste, and soap can all be used to achieve this purpose. Still, they aren't used on a wider level— usually, because the effects caused by these methods do not last for a much more extended period and aren't as beneficial as other techniques.

The Drawbacks of The Described Solutions

The essential requirement to all these solutions is time, effort and repetition. Here are some drawbacks explained of the above-described solutions. 

Using tapes or adhesives is quite uneasy, tedious, and monotonous. 

Continually cleaning focal lenses with soap water is not suitable for the lenses.

Wearing glasses more toward the tip of the nose is merely senseless and does not help a lot. 

Purchasing one mask after another mask when the elastic over-stretches is a problem

A Long-term and Effective Solution

Anti fog lens coating is the only proven solution to anti fog for glasses. It is built on the lens directly. The covering of it keeps your lens clear while wearing a mask (and in other foggy conditions) with a coating applied to the back of the lens to prevent the fog. 

Anti fog lenses remove the fogginess of your lenses as well as correct your vision. It also reduces the need for anti fog sprays and wipes that only work temporarily.

Clearing Foggy Lenses

Indeed, there is another feature that can be added to your prescription or non-prescription lenses. It provides protections like scratch, water, blue light, smear, and glare. All these features can efficiently be dealt with in all-in-one This store gives you the comfort and the confidence to decide the correct pair of glasses with appropriate lenses. Alongside the discussed protections, anti fog lens coating has become a fundamental component. 

Anti fog lens coating from has become an excellent solution to all the problems. Since you have got the anti fog for your glasses, you can now focus on more important things going on around you.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask We are available for you anytime, and we look forward to serving you. Contact us for more information. 

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