How To Make Anti Fog Spray For Glasses?

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How To Make Anti Fog Spray For Glasses

Anti fog spray has become increasingly popular over the last year or so, mainly due to the recent and ongoing coronavirus pandemic. For those who wear glasses, you’ve likely encountered the struggle of not being able to see a damn thing once you put on your mask.


It’s a struggle few know; however, it’s super frustrating, and at times, it can be dangerous, for example, when crossing the road. Many of those who wear glasses have developed home solutions to prevent their glasses from fogging up, like wetting their glasses before leaving the house, putting tissue in their mask, and not wearing their glasses at all- is not the best solution, if we say so ourselves.


Now, however, there is a better solution: using anti fog spray to keep your lenses clear, allowing you to see clearly whether wearing a mask or coming out of the cold into a nice warm house or supermarket.


This article will discuss how to make your very own anti fog spray for glasses, but first, it will explain a little more regarding anti fog technology. 

How Does Anti Fog Spray Work?

Anti fog spray works by preventing the build-up of moisture or condensation on the lenses. These solutions work by minimizing surface tension on your lenses, thus reducing the build-up of moisture and other droplets, including the frustrating fog-like effect when wearing a mask.


A similar but less effective method of reducing surface tension is washing your glasses with hot soapy water and naturally leaving these to air dry. It’s surprising just how many people do not clean their glasses like this. It’s free, keeps them looking their best, and is super simple to do at home. 


So, if you’re not confident in making your own anti fog spray or can’t quite invest in some just yet, try washing your lenses with soapy water first to reduce surface tension. Perhaps you can try a few other methods, too, including putting a piece of tissue in your mask to further reduce moisture build-up.


Let’s face the facts, masks are going anywhere just yet, so it’s better to find a solution that works for you now so you can at least see where you’re going for the next six months or so. 


So, How Do You Make The Anti Fog Spray Solution?

There are multiple ways to make your very own glasses cleaner and anti fog solution according to, some of which will be discussed in this article. Creating your own anti fog spray solution is much cheaper than purchasing directly, so you’ll save a bit of cash and, for once, be able to see where you’re going when wearing a mask. 


To create your very own anti fog spray solution, you will need the following:

Empty spray bottle


Rubbing alcohol 

Distilled water 


The process is super simple - to begin with, you want to mix the same quantity of vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and distilled water in your spray bottle. You can shake this to mix or stir using a utensil if you prefer. Ensure this is well mixed and tested before using, whether on a piece of glass or an old set of lenses.


However, before using your new anti fog spray on your current lenses, you should clean these in soapy water first. It reduces the surface tension further, allowing the solution to achieve its full effect - say goodbye to foggy lenses for good.


There are also anti fog wipes, similar to regular glasses wipes but designed to reduce moisture build-up. Once again, before using these, it’s important to clean your glasses first for the best effect.

Benefits of Anti Fog Spray

Anti fog spray does a whole lot more than prevent your glasses from fogging up, which, of course, is its primary purpose. For example, when you use an anti fog solution on your lenses, you also reduce dust build-up on your lenses, your glasses will remain clean for longer, and they’ll look better as they are well taken care of.


If you purchase a high-quality anti fog spray or create one yourself, you may not need to apply the solution as often as you may think, either. See what works for you, but we recommend spraying your lenses once every couple of days. Go ahead and spray again (after a soapy clean) if they continue to fog-up - this should entirely fix the problem. 


Finally, when you use anti fog spray, you increase your safety, whether crossing the road with a mask on, driving, or doing your best to navigate a grocery store. Perhaps now life will be a little bit easier and somewhat more normal, allowing you to tackle the rest of this pandemic with ease, or at least a little better sight.

The Bottom Line 

Much like bread, tinned goods, and frozen food were in rare supply toward the beginning of the pandemic, anti fog spray is now one of those products hard to come by. Instead of searching supermarket shelves high and low, you can now create your very own anti fog spray at home, allowing you to see when wearing a mask whenever you may be.


This anti fog for glasses solution is super cheap and easy to make at home, a great resolution to a common problem many glasses wearers experience daily. Furthermore, creating this solution at home means you can use it the same day, not waiting for a delivery and being able to see where you’re going in just a few hours, a necessity, especially if driving a vehicle or walking on busy roads while wearing a mask.


So, what are you waiting for? Give this homemade anti fog solution a try for yourself and take back your vision. After all, it’s one of the only things we can control at the moment. 


Oh, and don’t forget to clean your glasses in soapy water before applying, leaving these to air dry if possible. However, if you dry your glasses, avoid using a kitchen roll as this may scratch the lenses.

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