Does Anti Fog Work For Glasses, And Will It Work When It's Cold Outside?

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Does Anti Fog Work For Glasses, And Will It Work When It's Cold Outside?

Does Anti Fog Work for Glasses?

If you’re someone who wears glasses every day, you know how annoying it is to have them fog up.  It makes it impossible to see and is annoying to try to fix.  This problem has become even more relevant over the last year since masks force air into space between your glasses and your face and make it even more likely for them to fog. So, what can you do?

You may have heard about, or even tried, anti fog sprays or wipes in the past.  These are a decent temporary fix, but they probably won’t outlast the life of your glasses. Even with sprays that claim to last up to a year, you will probably need to reapply at some point. Most sprays only last a few months, which means lots of reapplications and lots of time and energy invested into making sure your lenses don’t fog.  

Anti fog wipes are even worse. These tend to last only a few days (3 to 5 seems to be the average), and many sprays only last this long, too. Needing to apply these substances every few days takes a lot of time, costs a lot of money, and is entirely inconvenient. It is also incredibly easy to almost forget to apply your anti fog material when you leave the house, forcing you to deal with fogged up lenses all day long.  

In addition to wearing out relatively quickly and needing to be reapplied, these sprays and wipes are getting harder and harder to find locally, meaning they may need to be ordered online. With so many people sick of having fogged up glasses when they are worn with a mask, stores find it incredibly difficult to keep items like this in stock. And ordering online every time you need a new set of wipes means waiting several days for your order. And that means several days of fogged up lenses.  

Yes, the short answer is that anti fog sprays and wipes do work, but they are a temporary solution to a recurring problem. Anti fog for glasses gets expensive quickly, and there are many opportunities for user error to occur.  


Will it Work in the Cold? 

The other problem with anti fog for glasses is that many brands don’t work in the cold. With colder temperatures come more opportunities for fogged glasses, especially for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities (or just anyone who gets stuck shoveling). Things like skiing and snowshoeing are fun ways to get outside while it’s cold, but it can be incredibly annoying to deal with the fogging lenses that are inevitable if you’re wearing any face covering.

Most anti fog for glasses that come in spray or wipe form don’t work in the cold.  The cold provides some unique challenges that normal versions of these products are simply unable to deal with. Some companies make a cold-specific spray or wipe, but they are even more expensive than standard products and need to be applied even more often.  

Sprays designed to work in the cold usually only last 24 hours at the most.  If you like to get outside every day during the winter, remembering to put on your special winter spray before you go out can be tricky, especially if you’re doing an activity that already requires a lot of gear. And since they only last one day, you’ll need to keep buying these sprays to make sure you’re stocked up for the next time you go out.  


Is There Another Solution?

All of this isn’t very encouraging, but the good news is that there is a much better solution to these temporary ones that tend to be less effective than you want them to be. That solution lies in anti fog lenses. These lenses are specially designed not to fog up, and the material doesn’t wear out. That means you don’t have to keep reapplying a spray or wiping your glasses off every few hours.

Glasses like this can be found on for under $70 right now, making them not only a more convenient option but also a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly one than the wipes or sprays already mentioned. Over time, you would probably spend more than $70 on these products, so buying a pair of these glasses would be an excellent investment, paying for itself over time.  

More than just a better financial option, a pair of these glasses would eliminate a lot of waste created by disposable wipes and spray bottles. If you’re concerned about the environment and are trying to cut down on how much waste you produce, anti fog glasses are a great addition. The glasses found on promise that the anti fog coating will not wear off. They are scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, and provide UV protection.  

These anti fog lenses can be found on with almost any prescription, and in a variety of frame styles, so you can find a pair of glasses and lenses that are right for you. Unlike sprays and wipes, these lenses work in pretty much any condition, even if you’re wearing a mask in the cold. There is no need to apply anything to these lenses in order for them to work, so you are able to grab them before you head out the door without needing to worry about whether or not you remembered to reapply your spray.

To make things even more convenient, provides free shipping on all of their orders, so you’ll save even more by not needing to pay for shipping every time you need to refill your spray bottle or get more wipes. After your order, you’ll take a selfie or yourself in your frames and another picture of your prescription. A shipping label will be emailed to you from, you’ll send us a box, and we’ll ship you your brand-new anti fog lenses. You’ll never have to buy anti fog for glasses again after you receive these new lenses. 

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