How can I Just Replace The Lenses in my Glasses?

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How can I Just Replace The Lenses in my Glasses?


There may come a time when your eyeglass lenses are no longer the required strength to support your vision. Perhaps you've had them for a few years, or maybe your eyes have worsened over the past couple of months.


Whatever the reason, eyeglass lens replacement may seem the most suitable choice, saving you money instead of buying both new eyeglass frames and lenses - an expensive purchase at the best of times. 


Nonetheless, we have good news: you can replace your glasses' lenses without purchasing new frames, saving you money, and restoring your vision - a win, win if we say so ourselves.


This article will discuss how to replace just the lenses of your glasses, followed-up with an alternate solution if you're not entirely confident removing and replacing these yourself.


Eyeglass Lens Replacement: How to Do it

How you change the lenses in your eyewear is dependant on the type of frames your glasses have. For example, the process of replacing plastic and metal frame lenses is a little different. 


Below, we will explain how to change lenses on different frames.


Replacing Lenses with Plastic Frames

Most lenses are held together by a small screw, requiring a screwdriver to remove these. This is not your standard screwdriver either; you'll have to go out and buy one on the smaller side. If you have plastic frames, you can use heat to loosen the lenses apart from the frames. However, be careful not to overheat these, as this may cause damage, including melting to your frames.


There are multiple ways you can heat the frames to loosen the lenses. However, these include using a hairdryer or placing your glasses in hot water (not boiling from the kettle) for up to one minute. Once your glasses are sufficiently heated up, you should have greater leverage to pop the lenses out. If you're struggling to put the lenses back in, try heating these again.


It's important not to overheat your glasses, causing damage or, worse, breaking them. This is why boiling water is not advised.


Replacing Lenses with Metal Frames 

Alternatively, if you have metal frames, you cannot heat them to loosen the frame's lenses. Usually, screws on metal frames are located on the glass's inside, next to the nose. If they are not found here, check the sides and underneath the frames for a small screw or two. 


If you still can't find these, it's worth looking up your glasses make and model online and reading up on separating the lenses from the frames for your glasses. 


Eyewear with metal frames is often a little more challenging to replace the lenses of. If you're still having trouble doing so, it may be worth contacting a professional, such as the team at; more info on this toward the end of this article.


What About Frames and Lenses with no Screws?

Not all glasses come with screws holding the lenses to the frame. This may come as a surprise, especially if you're trying to remove these yourself. However, you can still remove these yourself, even without the handy work of a trusty screwdriver.


The most obvious solution is to pop the lenses out of place manually. Chances are, if your glasses are not held together by screws that they are tightly placed and sealed together. Be careful when popping these, ensuring not to snap your frames. Likewise, ensure the lenses do not fly out when prying these apart.


Both metal and plastic frames can have no screws. If using plastic frames, you may wish to heat these, as previously discussed.


We can Provide you with Eyeglass Lens Replacement.

Alternatively, if you don't want to replace the lenses of your glasses yourself, perhaps avoiding damaging them or you don't know-how, at, we can do this for you. This is beneficial for numerous reasons; however, with experts on-hand, we can save you the hassle, frustration, and risk of replacing the lenses yourself. Sometimes, it's best to opt for a professional, especially with things that matter, like your eyesight.


How Does it Work?

Unlike traditional opticians, so to say, we work remotely. Instead, you send us your glasses (with or without existing lenses), and we replace these with your chosen new lenses, later shipping these back to your address.


Shipping is free both ways with a fast turnaround time, allowing you to go about your day as usual, with little strain on your eyes. Furthermore, we also offer the lowest prices anywhere, making eyewear affordable for all without sacrificing quality workmanship. This separates us from regular opticians, working to your schedule, not ours. We're here to help you, to help you save money, and to improve your vision. 


To find out more information on eyeglass lens replacement and view our full range of available lenses, visit


To Conclude 

Eyeglass lens replacement can be done at home, by yourself. The process of removing and replacing the lenses of your glasses varies depending on the frame; for example, the process of plastic and metal frames is a little different. 


If you're not confident in replacing the lenses of your glasses yourself or don't want to risk damaging them, you can use a professional service, such as In as little as 24-hours, we can replace the lenses of your eyewear, shipping these back to you at the earliest convenience. Not only is delivery quick, but it's cheap and high-quality, thanks to expert craftsmanship and our expert team.


So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to replace the lenses of your glasses? Restoring your vision, saving money, and keeping the frames of your current glasses? If so, visit today and browse our range of lenses, or contact us to replace your existing lenses - we'd be more than happy to help.

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