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With over 160 years of innovation, Essilor is a leader in visual health and is the creator of Crizal lenses. Every year, Essilor allots over $250 million to research and create eye care products that are tailored to our evolving needs and lifestyles. No surprise these lenses lead the market in cutting-edge technology that not only helps you see clearly but also protects your eyes for years.

Crizal Eye Protect System™

All Crizal eyeglass lenses block at least 20% of harmful blue light and offer a minimum E-SPF 25. This means your eyes are shielded from the harmful UV rays of the sun as well as the blue-violet light that is emitted from digital screens. The Eye Protect System™ reduces digital eyestrain and improves overall well-being, mood, and cognitive performance. Long term, it protects against premature aging of the eyes and diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

Crizal Scratch-Resistance

Essilor's SR Booster™ technology protects the lenses from scratches caused by daily wear and tear. It provides durability by optimizing the interaction between the layers of the lens thereby providing superior strength and scratch-resistance.

Crizal Glare-Reduction

Crizal anti-glare coatings are extremely thin layers of coating applied to lenses. These layers block certain wavelengths of light to reduce reflection, preventing eye strain and headaches. The lenses seem almost clear. Anti-glare coatings give you clear vision, even when driving at night, and protection from distracting reflections.

Crizal Anti-Smudge

Crizal's patented HSD Process™ (High Surface Density Process) protects against minor smudges caused by regular handling and is very easy to clean.

Crizal Dust-Repellence

Essilor's exclusive i-Technolgy™ has been developed to create an anti-static layer that repels dust and dirt, leaving the lenses clear and clean.

Crizal Water-Repellence

Crizal coatings have hydrophobic, or water-repellent molecules. This, along with Slide-FX™ technology makes little water drops roll right off the lens.

Crizal UV Protective Lenses

The Broad Spectrum Technology™ by Crizal blocks UV rays offering the best UV protection on the market.

Crizal Blue Light Protection (UV)

Crizal Prevencia lenses offer supreme protection against harmful blue-violet lights from digital devices such as your tablet, phone, or computer. Blue-light blocking lenses prevent eyestrain and early aging of the eyes.

Crizal Fog Repellent

Crizal offers fog protection with Optifog lenses. Apply the Optifog Activator Cloth once a week on the lenses to reactivate the fog repellant properties.

Crizal Coating For Glasses

The Crizal Family of eyeglass lenses is developed for all ages and needs! Talk to our trusted licensed optician today to find out which lenses are most suitable for you.

Anti-reflective Coatings Blue-blocker lenses

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