Can Opticians Put New Lenses in Old Frames?

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Can Opticians Put New Lenses in Old Frames?

If you’re someone who’s been wearing glasses for a while, you know how annoyingly tricky it can be to find a set of frames that fit your face.  Everyone has a differently shaped face, with different distances between your eyes, between your eyes and your ears, etc. This all makes getting a pair of glasses that feels like it fits you perfectly hard.


Let’s say you’ve found that set of glasses that you truly love.  They fit you perfectly, but maybe you’ve had them for a while, and the lenses have a few scratches on them, or it’s just time to up your prescription and put in a new set of lenses.  If you walk into a traditional brick and mortar glasses retailer, there’s a good chance they’ll try to sell you a new set of frames along with your new lenses.  So, what can you do?


Depending on what brand your frames are and which store you take them to, there is a chance that one of these brick and mortar stores will be able to pop some new lenses into your glasses and send you on your way.  However, if you’re shopping at a store that doesn’t sell the same brand lenses and frames you currently have, they might try to upsell you on a new set of frames.  It’s also possible that they just don’t have lenses that will fit your frames, especially if the frames are not from a brand that is carried by the store. 


Luckily, online lens replacement stores like are a great place to get your glasses lens replacement while keeping your old frames and, best yet, saving a boatload of money.  This website offers lots of lens options, ensuring there is something for everyone, at prices that are much lower than traditional retailers.  Prices start at just $48, and for that, you get a set of lenses that is custom-sized to fit your specific frames. 

What Goes Into Sizing Eyeglass Frames?

Some people reading this may have already found the perfect set of frames.  The set that they don’t even notice on their face while they are at work, school, or just hanging out at home binging Netflix shows.  But other people might not have found that perfect fit yet and are wondering exactly what goes into a set of eyeglass frames that makes them fit so well.  A lot of different measurements are used to determine the perfect frames for each person. But this should give you an idea of what can be different between frame designs since looking at frames for hours in a store can be mind-numbing. With each frame looking slightly less distinct than the one you saw before. 


Overall frame size is the first thing to look for.  Some people’s heads are relatively large, some relatively small, and some right in the middle.  Finding a set of frames that comfortably fits the size of your head is the place to start.  After that, eye position is important.  Ideally, each eye will be centered in the lens.  Different people have different distances from their nose to either eye, and some people even have different distances from their nose to each of their own eyes.  After eye distance, bridge fit is critically important.  Noses come in all shapes, sizes, and positions, and it’s vital to find frames that comfortably fit on your nose. 


Hopefully, you will be able to find a set of eyeglass lenses that are the perfect fit for your face, and once you do, finding a website to do eyeglass lens replacement for you will save you lots of time and money.


How Does Online Lens Replacement Work?

If this concept of sending your glasses to an online retailer to get your lenses replaced is new to you, you may be wondering how exactly it works.  After all, don’t you need to physically have the glasses in order to put a new set of lenses on? The answer here is obviously yes. It is impossible, at least so far, for an optician to put new lenses into your frames through a computer screen, but makes the process of sending and receiving your glasses incredibly easy. 


The first step is to send your glasses to the knowledgeable staff at to get them worked on.  Doing this is incredibly easy, not to mention free.  As soon as your order is placed, you are given a shipping label to print out via email.  All you need after that is a box, and your frames will be on their way. 


Once they get to the opticians working with, your old lenses are removed, and your new ones are put in.  The process used by this company allows them to put new lenses in any set of frames, no matter how long you’ve had them and no matter what brand they are.  You can save the time, energy, and money that you would normally waste on finding a physical store location and simply shop online from the comfort of your own home. 


As soon as the lens replacement is finished, puts your glasses right back in the mail to be shipped back to your door.  This entire process, though it may sound like a lot, usually only takes about a week and a half.  The exact time can vary based on shipping speed at the time of the order, and the sheer number of eyeglass lens replacements has to do during the week you ship your lenses, but it usually takes a couple of business days at each step in the process.  It is possible for your glasses to be back to you in about a week, which really isn’t so bad considering it eliminates the hassle of driving to a store, standing in line (potentially for hours at a time), and waiting for your glasses to be finished before driving back again a day or two later.  This is truly a more time and cost-effective way to get your new lenses. 

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