Who Has The Best Deals On Prescription Glasses

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Who Has The Best Deals On Prescription Glasses

A costly but essential investment - here’s how to save a buck or two.

According to the Vision Council, a reported 164 million American adults wear prescription glasses, that’s roughly one in two people. Therefore, it’s no surprise that eyewear trends are on the rise - it’s one of the world's largest industries.


Furthermore, the industry is only getting bigger. More and more people require prescription eyewear every single day, perhaps as a result of increased technology use and general eye strain. Over the next few years, we can certainly expect these trends to grow even further. In fact, people already wear eyewear for fashion, nevermind prescription.


Nonetheless, for those who require prescription eyewear, you likely know how expensive a new pair of glasses can cost - a regular investment, too. This article will discuss who has the best deals on prescription glasses, followed by a little on our professional and quick eyeglass lens replacement service.

What About Prescription Eyeglass Lens Replacement?

Many people seem to think new prescription glasses are the only solution when you’re in need of a replacement, perhaps as your eyes have adjusted and you’re due a regular checkup. However, this is not the case. There is also a prescription glasses lens replacement service. This is where you send your glasses off for new prescription lenses with your current (hopefully recently tested) eye prescription strength.


This is beneficial for numerous reasons, which includes:


  • Spend less money on replacing your glasses and just replace the lenses instead
  • Allows you to keep your current frames


Essentially, sending off your current frames for new prescription lenses allows you to save money, keeping your existing frames (often the most expensive component, especially if choosing a designer brand). If like most people, you require an eye test once every one to two years, you may find yourself forking out the cash to keep your vision up to date, especially if you’re selecting a designer brand each time. Instead, you can keep your designer brand or favorite frames and replace the lenses - it’s a win, win.


While you may think skipping the odd eye test isn’t the end of the world, this can actually be extremely dangerous. For example, if you fail to book an eye test when required, you may be below the legal driving limit, perhaps causing an accident. If you don’t want to visit the opticians for yourself, maybe consider others' safety, too?

How Does It Work?

If you’re ready to replace just your lenses instead of your frames, saving you money, time, and effort, then it’s very straightforward. Firstly, you need to book yourself in for an eye test at your regular opticians. Instead of purchasing new glasses on the day, ask for your prescription strength, and then shop our lens selection online, choosing the perfect lenses for you. Following this, you send us your current glasses, and we remove your old lenses and replace these with your new ones, sent back to you as quickly as possible.


Alternatively, we can also send you the lenses out if you’re confident you can replace them yourself. However, be wary. This may breach your current warranty with your opticians and may end up being costly if you mess it up.


Much like shopping for new glasses at your regular opticians, you’ll have access to a ton of different lens benefits, including scratch-resistant designs, UV protection, anti-glare, and even branded lenses. You can choose these upon checkout, all of which will be added to your existing frames and sent back to you at the earliest convenience. All of this is sometimes quicker than waiting back from your opticians, especially during the current climate that is Covid-19.

For this reason, and various others, more and more people opt for online methods over regular opticians, a much safer and efficient service. What more can you ask for?


Many People Don’t Get Their Eyes Tested Often Enough

As prescription glasses are not cheap, it likely comes as no surprise that many people who wear glasses do not get their eyes tested as often as they should. Instead, they wait until they need new glasses, whether the frames are broken, worn down, or the prescription is no longer strong enough.


However, this method is flawed. For a start, wearing glasses with the incorrect prescription may further damage your eyes. Furthermore, your vision is never one-hundred percent, except for the first year or so of a new pair of glasses and prescription. This can be dangerous, not only for yourself but for others, too, as aforementioned.

This makes finding a deal all the more important, allowing you to see year-round to the best of your ability - a much safer and enjoyable way to experience everyday vision.

To Conclude

Prescription glasses are not cheap, especially if you’re purchasing designer frames each time you book an eye test. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that, firstly, far too many people do not have their eyes tested regularly. And secondly, those that do are always searching for the best deals.


With this in mind, perhaps it’s time to consider purchasing prescription glasses lens replacement online from a service such as rx-able.com. With a vast selection of lenses, perks, and a quick delivery turnaround, all at a much lower price than retail, you can keep your existing frames, save a little bit of cash, and freely get your eyes tested regularly for better vision year-round.


So, what are you waiting for? Are you reading to have your current lenses replaced at a fraction of the cost, upgrading your vision, and saving you a boatload of cash in the years to follow? We thought so.


You can also view our current sale items by clicking here, including various lenses and other glasses accessories.

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