Can I Buy Frames And Get Lenses Put In?

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Can I Buy Frames And Get Lenses  Put In?

Any glasses wearer will have, at one point, wondered whether they could get the lenses in their glasses replaced. Be it a pair of old frames that no longer suit your prescription or a set of stylish frames you can only find on that one website.

In short, yes, many opticians and specialty services will be able to change, replace, and put in fresh prescription lenses into most frames. Not only that but when going for the right option, this can be far more cost-effective than opting for a new pair of specs.

Why Put in Fresh Lenses?

The most blaring reason to buy frames separately and then get lenses placed in is the shire selection. With online stores worldwide stocking a wide variety of attractive, outlandish, and exciting frames to suit all face shapes, styles, and spectacle wants.

Opting for buying the glasses themselves from a manufacturer or specialist reseller can often also save some costs when compared to the often-high-priced specs that opticians and optometrists have on offer. And that’s not even mentioning the often limited in-store stocks and the tendency for opticians to have higher-priced specs on show.

In other words, you get a wealth of choice in both style and price range, which are unmatched by an optician’s offerings.

Key Considerations

But before you rush out and buy a handful of sub-$10 frames, there are some key things to consider.

First of all, you’ll want to ensure your frames are durable enough to house your all-important lenses. Many cheap glasses found online are made of sub-par plastics or non-durable metals cut too thin. With the lenses often making up a good proportion of the price of a pair of glasses, you’ll want to ensure that those lenses are going to remain well protected.

Keeping on the topic of materials, you may also find that some opticians or glasses lens replacement services will reject certain materials that are prone to breakage—so be sure to check the terms of your optician or service before buying!

Secondly, comfort is, of course, a big deal when it comes to glasses. If you’re going to live pretty much 24/7 with your specs rested on your nose, you want them to be comfortable. Glasses available at opticians meet a relatively high comfort level thanks to careful consideration of nose pad size and placement. As such, certain opticians may advise against using certain frames if they do not meet these standards of comfort.

Thirdly, you have the price. Opticians often offer a package service when it comes to glasses, which can, on occasion, be cheaper than buying frames and having lenses put in independently. As such, it’s again worth double-checking the cumulative costs before committing to either path.

Types of Lenses

With those considerations in mind, you still have plenty of options in terms of frames. So when you purchase your dream frames, you move onto the next step: deciding which lenses are right for you.

Generally, there three key types of prescriptive lenses:

  • Single-vision lenses.
  • Progressive lenses: provide the ability to progressively correct all near and distance vision in one clear lens.
  • Bifocal lenses: Which correct both near and far vision.

However, it would be wise to seek professional advice on lens type if you require anything beyond single vision lenses.

There are also tons of other lens type options, which affects user experience but not a prescription. Some of these are:

  • Clear lenses.
  • Transition lenses: which alter in opacity when exposed to sunlight.
  • Polarised lenses: those found in sunglasses.
  • Blue-filter lenses: which filter out blue light, commonly found in screens.

While each of these lenses can have specific use cases—choosing the right one for you can make for an excellent user experience.

It is also worth noting that not all companies or services will offer all lens types. Getting lenses independently fitted can be one of the best ways to ensure you get the lenses you’re looking for.

Should I Get Lenses Put In Independently?

Eyeglass lens replacement or glasses lens replacement services mean that you can have full control over frame and lens choice—while also potentially saving a pretty penny.

That said, you should be well aware of the key considerations listed above as a cool pair of specs aren’t worth chronic discomfort or the additional costs required after a sub-par material gives way.

In sum, yes, you can get fresh lenses put into most glasses frames, but you should be certain those glasses will provide longevity and a good user experience before doing

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