Which Anti Fog Coating is Safe for Glasses With Anti Glare or Anti Scratch Coatings?

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Which Anti Fog Coating is Safe for Glasses With Anti Glare or Anti Scratch Coatings

Learn about the safest anti fog for glasses from the experts at RX-Able.com. When it comes to purchasing a new pair of glasses, many decisions ensure the final product is what you are looking for. From the frames themselves to the lenses and extra coatings, it can sometimes be overwhelming –especially when you aren't sure what you are looking for in the first place. Therefore, today, the experts at RX-Able.com will be outlining the various coatings available to you, as well as discussing what the safest anti fog for glasses are. 


What Types of Coatings Are Available? 

When it comes to lens coatings, there are typically four types available as add-ons when purchasing your eyewear. Let's take a look at the four options down below: 


Anti-Reflective Coating 

The anti-reflective coating, also known as the anti-glare coating, is generally applied to both sides of the lens. The purpose of this type of coating is to reduce the amount of glare that reflects off of the lenses themselves while allowing more light to pass through into your eye to give you a clearer and sharper vision. This type of coating is beneficial for people who frequently drive at night as they can reduce the harshness of headlights from other vehicles and those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. 

Scratch-Resistant Coating 

This coating type speaks true to its name. It is intended to protect lenses from being vulnerable to everyday scratches and protect them if they should accidentally fall onto the floor from a higher surface. There are no specifications for this type of coating and can be of value to anyone who wears eyeglasses –especially if you tend to drop things! 

UV-Protection Coating 

For those of you who are unaware, UV rays are not only damaging to our skin, but they are also damaging to our eyes, which can lead to various problems in our vision, including the development of cataracts. Some lenses may already come equipped with UV protection coating. However, a lot of the time, there are options to add on further protection. Again, there are no specific requirements for people who are looking to add-on UV coating. However, they are a fantastic feature for everyone to have added protection when they are outside in the sunshine. 

Blue-Blocking Coatings 

The blue-blocking coatings are typically added for people who spend time in front of device screens for most of the day. It reduces the exposure to light that emulates from the electronics—people who look at computer screens all day experience eye strain, discomfort, and sleeping problems. 

But What About Anti Fog For Glasses? 

Now more than ever, people are experiencing fogginess when wearing their eyeglasses due to wearing a face mask for the foreseeable future. While many articles have been popping up here and there on the internet of ways to reduce fogginess on your glasses, many of these solutions don't work, and others are very uncomfortable. Therefore, here are some anti fog for glasses solutions that you can purchase to help you eliminate the inconvenience. 

Your Anti Fog Application Options 


Liquid Anti Fog for Glasses 

These types of anti fog solutions for glasses typically come packaged in a spray bottle. Depending on the brand, It will usually last you anywhere from 100 to 300 uses. Now while these anti fog sprays are generally safe to use on your lenses that are already coated with anti-glare and anti-scratch coatings, this method can get quite messy and be a hassle as you have to reapply every other couple of days. It is also essential to be careful with liquid solutions as the ingredients list may not react with the existing coating on your lenses, which the experts at RX-Able.com warn about frequently. 

Anti Fog Wipes 

Another option for eyeglass wearers is to purchase anti fog wipes. You can buy these online, and they typically come in packs of 100. Again, it is vital to note the ingredients in these forms of wipes as they may react to your glasses' coatings, much like the liquid options. However, people will need to re-wipe their glasses every couple of days using this option as well. They can create a lot of unnecessary garbage collection for the environment. 

 Anti Fog Cloth

On the other hand, we have anti fog clothes that contain anti fog properties. These types of clothes typically last up to 200 uses. However, you will need to re-wipe your glasses every 8 hours as the anti fog will decrease throughout the day. You are also unable to wash the cloth itself, which can be very unhygienic over time. Again, this also creates more work for the individual and is not a permanent solution. 

Anti Fog Coating for Lens

For people looking for a more permanent solution to their problems, RX-Able.com has now come out with anti fog coatings for glasses that are safe to add to your anti-glare anti-scratch proof coatings. Customers can add on the anti fog coating while purchasing a new pair of glasses, and it is an excellent investment for people who have been recently struggling with wearing their masks out in public this past year. 

At RX-Able.com, we offer anti fog for glasses that remove the requirement of sprays and wipes that are expensive and time-consuming. All lenses with the anti fog coating will also receive a free microfiber cloth to protect and clean the lens without scratching or damaging it. Customers can also add many protective coatings as they wish without sacrificing their protection from other harmful factors. You can get rest assured knowing that the number of coatings placed on your lenses will not affect your lens thickens whatsoever. It is also the safest option in terms of ensuring you are not damaging your lens with harsh chemicals from solutions that may not react well with the coatings that you have paid for in the first place. 

Please visit our main page on RX-Able.com for more details for more information about our anti fog for glasses. 

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