How Long Do Anti Fog Coatings On Glasses Last?

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How Long Do Anti Fog Coatings On Glasses Last

If you own glasses, then you will be all too familiar with them fogging up. Your glasses have fogged up because you walked from a cold room into a warm room, opened an oven to check on the food, or, most likely, you're wearing a mask while you left the house for a bit, and all of a sudden you can't see anything!

As masks have become an essential part of our daily lives during these times, the unfortunate side effect for people who wear glasses is that they are rendered unable to see due to the condensation collecting on their lenses.

If you've found yourself in the situation described above, this article should help you better understand one of the best solutions to this recurring problem.



Why Do Glasses Fog Up? 

Quite simply, the fog is steam that is stuck on your glasses. When warm air hits your lenses' cool surface, condensation forms and can be enough to severely obscure vision. This can happen simply by breathing on them and wearing a mask that redirects your breath back up to your eyes. 


If you're anything like me, you'll know that wearing a mask properly doesn't always work. With the current demand, it can be tough to get your sterilized hands on a mask that, even when worn correctly, properly vents air away from your glasses. If that's the case, then perhaps it's time to look into some anti fog coatings, whether that's ones you apply by yourself or the ones readily applied to your glasses before you purchase them. 



What Does Anti Fog Mean?

Developed back in the 1960s by NASA to prevent astronaut helmets from fogging up, anti fog technology has been around a while and is now available for the ordinary consumer.

Traditionally, anti fog lenses use what's called 'anti fog agents,' which are special chemicals that prevent small droplets of condensation from forming a film over your lens and obstructing your vision. The two main options are, have lenses made with this in mind or applying a spray that gives you anti fog as a temporary benefit.



What Are My Anti Fog Options?

There are a few primary methods of providing anti fog for glasses. Two of the methods are available right now on, and the first is a less effective option that you can try in the meantime.

Soapy Water 

For a brief, temporary fix, you can try washing your lenses with soapy water. If you do so, allow them time to air dry instead of wiping them down, and they should leave a thin film of residue over the lens that prevents some fogging up. It is not particularly advised, although you will have some fresh, sparkly glasses, they are not an effective solution.

Anti Fog Spray 

This is perhaps a better alternative to the water. With this option, you can spray the coating on your lens, wait a few seconds and then wipe. It will then provide you with up to 5 days of fog-free joy. This is one of the options available on the website coming in packs of 1, 2, 3, and 10 as a lasting preventative measure.

Anti Fog Lenses 

This is the best option that provides anti fog for glasses of everyday usage.  If you are like me and contact lenses freak you out, so you wear glasses all day, this is the perfect solution for those foggy issues every day. This allows you to eliminate foggy lenses while correcting your vision but does away with anti fog sprays or wipes, leaving it to be something you no longer have to worry about. This option is also available here on, and they cover a variety of lenses.


What Types of Anti Fog Lenses Are There?

Regarding lenses, can only provide anti fog to single vision lenses and cannot accept anti reflective treatments, blue blockers, or progressive lenses. As mentioned in the previous section, an alternative option is available in the form of an anti fog spray. As it stands, if you own lenses with other special features or coatings, getting them permanently treated isn't an option yet. 



How Long Does Anti Fog Last?

For the spray, it only lasts around five days. That isn't anything to turn one's nose up at, but there is a better alternative.

High-quality lens enhancements can often last anywhere between 1 to 2 years, but there are many cases of them lasting significantly longer. However, this is determinant upon how well you care for your lenses. Excessive cleaning or often leaving them face down could be enough to damage your lenses to the point of no longer providing a complete cover of anti fog. 

That being said, here at, we provide an anti fog solution in replacement lenses that does not wear off, is scratch and impact-resistant, and provides 100% UV protection to ensure that you no longer have to worry. The best way to ensure that they stay fully anti fog is to ensure that you look after them consistently, as harsh bumps can still take a serious toll. 

If you are interested and maybe you want to check out some of the reviews. It is a service that is often included in our sales, so there is a real chance that you can have all your anti fog needs taken care of for an absolute bargain.

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