What Is The Best Anti Fog For Glasses?

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What Is The Best Anti Fog For Glasses

If you wear glasses, you’ll know the annoyance of fog. It always seems to occur at the most inopportune moments. Suppose you’re carrying boxes at work or using precise movements to pipette chemicals. That’s when the fog strikes—you’re left helpless: hands full and no vision.

If you don’t wear glasses, you’d be surprised how often it occurs.

However, foggy glasses once only a hassle on humid days when blasted with air conditioning or when you’re stirring the stove has now become a full-time drag on life. With the onset of the global pandemic, we’re all rightfully taking precautions. That means washing our hands, using hand sanitizers, social distancing, and wearing masks. Who’d have imagined a few years ago that mask would become a standard in public?

Not glasses-wearers!

With your hot breath directed straight up towards your eyes, foggy glasses are a daily – if not hourly – occurrence. Life seems like a never-ending cycle of wiping your glasses. Thankfully, there is a solution: anti fog for glasses.

These simple sprays have remarkable results. While they won’t reduce the fog permanently, for a short time, they’ll prevent fog from forming on the lenses. You apply the spray or paste directly to the glass, leave for a minute or two, then wipe them. That’s it!

But with increased demand, there are dozens of products from which to choose. How to know if you’re getting the best product for your money? Read on. Here is the best anti fog for glasses available today.


Feel free to use Gamer Advantage anti fog spray on any lens type, from expensive ski goggles to the finest sunglasses. You can even use it on VR headsets. It has been rigorously tested to prevent fog from any source, including heat, cold, or humidity. Also, the unique long-lasting formulation reduces the need for frequent application.

The Upsides

With a silicone-free formula, you won’t notice any annoying streaks or residues of the glasses. It’s also safe for anti-reflective lenses. Extremely potent: a small amount will last a long time – saving you money.

The Downsides

There have been consumer reports that it only helps the fog clear quicker. However, most consumers are incredibly complimentary about the product.

RX-ABLE Anti Fog Lens for Single Vision

It’s a wonder science hasn’t invented a lens that never fogs. That’d solve the problem and save you money! Well, they have. From the geniuses over at RX-ABLE.com, the anti fog lens for single vision is the latest greatest technology on the optics market.

The Upsides

With these innovative lenses, you’ll never need to worry about foggy glasses ever again; no more carrying around pricey wipes or anti fog sprays. Even more impressive, the front of the lenses is coated with a premium anti-reflective coating. That makes them scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, smudge-resistant, water repellent, dust repellent while offering 100% UV protection. Meanwhile, the back is coated with the Essilor Anti fog AR coating.

The product can be installed into almost all frame types, including metal, plastic, or rimless frames. Plus, with polished edges and free concierge service, there are practically no downsides. Don’t thank us, thank RX-ABLE.com.

The Downsides

Unfortunately, this fantastic product isn’t available to everyone. Being limited to single vision lenses: (-) 6.000Spehere to a (+) 4.00 Sphere on a 2.00 Cylinder. However, there are still several lens types – clear, blue light blocking, transitions, polarized, and transitions XTRActive – from which to choose.

Z CLEAR Anti Fog Spray Kit

If you’re sticking with your old glasses, there are few sprays longer-lasting than Z Clear. You don’t want to be wasting your time continually reapplying anti fog. Nor do you want to be stuck in an awkward position when the anti fog suddenly stops working. That’s where Z Clear towers above the others. It will prevent fog build-up for an incredible 72 hours! Now that’s seriously impressive.

The Upsides

Each kit comes with everything you need to treat your glasses: two travel-size bottles of anti fog alongside a microfiber buffing cloth. Moreover, the more Z Clear you to use on the lenses, the stronger the effect becomes. The formula is 100% alcohol and ammonia-free. So, no strange smells or abrasive chemicals reacting with your glasses. That means you can use Z Clear anti fog spray on all prescriptions, sun, reading, or safety glasses.

The Downsides

A few anti-reflective coatings prevent Z Clear from forming a protecting anti fogging coating. However, they are quite rare.

OPTIX 55 Anti Fog Spray

Apply a couple of drops of Optix 55, and you’ll have fogless lenses in a matter of seconds. You can apply it wet or dry, making it a firm favorite of medical professionals. Give your lenses a quick wipe with a dry cloth, and you’re all set.

The Upsides

This potent little bottle is portable and perfect for travel. It’ll fit inside any purse or bag. Even better, it works on a vast array of lenses, from polycarbonate, UV-protective, and polarized lenses. You can even use it on ski and swimming goggles. Whether you’re heading down to the beach or up to the slopes, don’t forget to pack Optix 55 anti fog spray.

The Downsides

Customers on Amazon.com have mixed reports about effectiveness. Others also claim that it has damaged their reflective lenses. However, the product still holds 4 out of 5 stars, with most reviews being highly positive. Just remember to use the product as recommended for maximum effects.

WARBY PARKER Clean My Lens Kit with Anti Fog

Warby Parker is one of the biggest names in the online eyewear industry. Well, now their lens cleaning kit also comes with anti fog. The question: is it any good. The answer: damn right it is!

The Upsides

Based on information from Warby Parker, we know the spray can be used on lenses with an anti-reflective coating. Plus, unlike other sprays, you get all the equipment you need with this kit: lens spray, microfiber cleaning cloth, and a microfiber eyeglass pouch. Now that’s value for money!

The Downsides

Being a new product on the market, it remains somewhat untested. Most people seem to report a good effect. Warby Parker has a fantastic reputation for its other products and is an industry leader.

EASY VIEW Anti Fog Cloth

Some people try to reinvent the wheel with advanced new formulations and sprays. Easy View cut-out the middleman and reinvented the cloth. With their anti fog cloth, there is no need to spray chemically hazardous substances. Instead, wipe the cloth on the lens to impart a powerful nano-tech covering. It’ll last 8-12 hours, and the cloth can be used at least 200 times.

The Upsides

It’s simple, easy to view, and easy-to-use. Considering many anti fog formulas contain toxic ingredients such as CMIT, MIT, methanol, and acetaldehyde, you might want to avoid spraying them near your eyes. No more residues or droplets that go everywhere. The anti fog cloth lets you apply the coating exactly where you want it, whenever you want to.

The Downsides

There have been reports that the Easy View anti fog cloth leaves an oily coating on the glasses’ lenses after prolonged use. However, most customers do not report this problem, and those that do say you can wipe gently with a dry cloth.

JUST ADD WATER Jaws Quick Spit Anti Fog Spray

You can use Quick Spit anti fog spray on just about any surface. That means most types of glass and plastic. But you can also use it on diving goggles or even your bathroom mirror. Imagine a mirror that never fogs!

The Upsides

Being a natural, biodegradable and non-toxic formula makes it almost unique. Divers and swimmers have reported great effects when using it for their goggles. Plus, it will prevent fog in a range of different situations.

The Downsides

It does struggle to work with many prescription lenses as the anti-reflective coating makes it less effective. If you use it on your glasses, ensure you thoroughly wash them before wear. Otherwise, there have been reports of a burning sensation in the eyes.


The Bottom Line

There are tons of excellent products on the market that will solve your anti fog woes temporarily. However, there is only one product guaranteed to solve fogging permanently. That’s the anti fog lenses from RX-ABLE. If you’re looking for a permanent fix, then you know where to look. Head over to RX-ABLE.com and check out their phenomenal array of products. You’ll never need to repurchase another anti fog spray!

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