How Much Do Anti Fog Glasses Cost?

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How Much Do Anti Fog Glasses Cost

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in mask wearers across the world, and while these masks are necessary for added protection against the virus, they have caused some practical problems for glasses wearers. When breathing in a mask, our breath is pushed upwards instead of outwards. The warm air then hits the cold lenses of glasses which then creates condensation or fogging, making it difficult to see. However, this condensation is not a new thing with it happening with certain weather conditions or when you open up a warm oven. This can be frustrating and time-consuming for glasses wearers who are constantly having to remove their glasses to clean them properly. 

Due to developments in lens technology in recent years nowadays, there are a variety of options to tackle lens fog. An anti fog spray applies a clean and clear layer of anti fog protection on your lenses. While this may be more cost-effective, the spray will need to be reapplied often and repurchased when it runs out, so it will end up costing more over time. 

Anti fog for glasses is also available through anti fog lenses. While these may be most expensive than sprays or wipes upfront, they are a great investment that can make your life a lot easier. Here at, we can provide you with the best anti fog technology at an affordable price as we understand the importance of clear vision.

What Is The Price of Anti Fog Glasses?

Anti fog lenses are a relatively new technology that provides a service that we desperately need in today’s climate. Due to high demand, anti fog lenses can cost up to a few hundred dollars. At, however, we understand that a clear vision is a right of everyone, and we want to make our products as affordable as possible. 

Our anti fog lenses for single vision prescriptions usually cost only $99. Currently, we have them on offer for $59.00, making them some of the most affordable on the market. Not only are our lenses budget-friendly, but they are also high-quality and tailored exactly to your specifications. can replace the lenses in your existing frames with anti fog lenses, or they can put the lenses on new frames from our website. Frame choices include metal, plastic or semi-rimless, with prices from as low as $9.95 when on offer. 

If you have any questions about anti fog lenses or would like more information, contact one of our experts—today, who will be happy to help.

How Does Anti Fog Technology Work?

Anti fog lenses are top-of-the-range technology that dramatically reduces the condensation levels on your lenses. Most anti fog sprays work by adding a coating of a hydrophilic solution to help get rid of fog on the glasses. The hydrophilic coating means that water droplets don’t split up into small droplets causing fog. Instead, they form a thin non-scattering layer that you can see through perfectly. 

Anti fog lenses are fog-free prescription lenses that do not fog up, even with mask-wearing. Anti fog lenses are described as the best lenses on the market as the coating on them does not wear off like the hydrophilic coating from lens sprays. stocks the highest-quality anti fog lenses at affordable prices, making them accessible for everyone. Not only are the lenses expertly made and fitted to your specifications, but they can also be cleaned easily. 

When you are cleaning your anti fog lenses, it is recommended that you use a simple dish detergent that is gentle on them – any brand will do. After you have cleaned them, wipe them with a soft microfibre cloth. Rx-able makes this easy for you as they provide you with the perfect microfibre cleaning cloth with every purchase of anti fog lenses. 

What Are The Benefits of Buying Anti Fog Lenses?

Purchasing anti fog lenses has many significant advantages that will save you time, money, and effort. 

Anti Fog Technology Does Not Wear: Firstly, you do not need to reapply the protective coating, unlike other anti fog alternatives. Although sprays, wipes, or traditional cloths may help reduce condensation on the lenses, it is inconvenient to have to do this multiple times a day. With anti fog lenses, you do not need to stop and reapply during your time working or driving to do this. 

One Time Purchase: Alternative options such as spray or wipes also run out and have to be repurchased. Lenses are a one-off purchase that will last you a long time – meaning that they are a far more environmentally friendly choice as it produces far less waste over time. 

Strong High-Quality Lenses: At rx-able, the anti fog lenses are strong and both scratch and impact-resistant, meaning that they are great to wear on a daily basis. We fit the lenses securely to your existing frames or to a new pair that you have selected, which means that rest assured they will be securely set in the frame, ready to wear.

UV Protection: When looking to purchase anti fog glasses, consider buying ones that also have UV protection. This is a coating on your glasses that protects your eyes from harmful UV rays from the sun.’s anti fog lenses provide the best of both worlds with protection from UV rays and technology that stops them from fogging up.  

Easily Cleaned – These specially designed anti fog lenses do not need expensive cleaning products to keep them clean. Instead, using dish soap and the microfibre cloth that comes with them is recommended to keep you seeing clearly. 

Using rougher material or chemicals that are too strong or harmful may lead to the lenses being damaged. 

How To Purchase Anti Fog Lenses?

Anti fog lenses have been described as the most effective way to tackle fog on lenses, and they are used often by occupations such as the military and professional athletes. These occupations have to guarantee that their vision is clear. Additionally, to reduce the risk of workplace accidents, many safety glasses also include this technology. This shows how reliable the technology is.

Anti fog lenses are an important purchase that will make a significant difference in your life, so therefore it is vital to choose the best ones for you. When looking for new glasses or lenses, it is essential to choose comfortable ones as you will be wearing them every day. It is also important that your lenses are your exact prescription and that they are in frames that you love so that you want to wear them. Here at, we can help you find anti fog lenses that are the perfect fit. 

If you are looking to purchase new anti fog lenses on, it could not be easier. Search the phrase ‘Anti Fog Lens’ in the search bar at the top, and you will find our lenses for single vision prescriptions. There is an option to upload a photograph of yourself on the product page – make sure that your head is level in the selfie. This is particularly useful if you want the new lenses fitted in your current frames. It allows rx-able to ensure that the height and PD are correct. 

Additionally, to ensure that the lenses will correct your eyesight, you will also need to upload a picture of your prescription when making an order. Rx-able will now be able to process your order correctly. Do not worry if you are not sure if you have entered the correct information – if there are any issues with your order, rx-able will contact you to answer any questions that they have. 

When it comes to the type of available lenses, is only able to put anti fog technology on single vision lenses that do not have reflective treatments, blue blockers, or progressive lenses. Suppose anti fog lenses are not available for your prescription. In that case, there are some alternative options to tackle lens fog until the anti fog technology can be added to your type of lenses. More information on this is further detailed below. 


What Are Other Anti Fog Solutions?

Anti Fog Spray

If your prescription is not available in anti fog lenses yet, or you do not want to replace your current lenses at the moment, there are other ways to provide temporary protection. One of the most popular products on the market is anti fog sprays. Anti fog spray is a small bottle of hydrophilic liquid that can be sprayed directly on the lenses, leaving a clean and clear layer that protects them from condensation. For best results, they should be applied daily, although they can last up to 5 days. These sprays are so effective that they have been proven to stop fog on larger surfaces such as bathroom mirrors and car windscreens. 

When applying the product, you should spray the solution on both sides of the surface of the lens. Allow the product time to dry, and then wipe any excess off the lenses with a microfibre cloth that will not damage the surface. However, if you have anti-reflective lenses, lens spray is not recommended as it will not be as effective on this coating.

One advantage of anti fog spray is that it is not as much of an upfront cost right away in comparison with anti fog lenses, making it more affordable at first. However, it is important to keep in mind that the spray will run out and need to be replaced. This means that you will end up paying more in the long run as anti fog lenses are simply a one-off payment. Having to take off your glasses and reapplying the solution will take up time and can be inconvenient, but spray may be the best option until your prescription is available in anti fog lenses.

Anti Fog Wipes

Wipes that put an anti fog coating onto your lenses are another way to provide protection from condensation. They are thin, and lightweight so they are easy to carry in your bag or pocket. They also do not create as much mess as the spray versions of anti fog technology. One wipe will coat both lenses, and the technology can last for a few days before having to be reapplied. 

As you are using one wipe at a time for application, however, this can be costly. Wipes end up more expensive per use than anti fog lenses or spray as they have to be repurchased often. It is also essential to consider the environmental impact, as there is a lot of waste generated from the wipe packaging. 


Regardless of how it is delivered, anti fog coatings will help you see clearly when wearing a mask or experience a sudden change of temperature that would usually fog up your lenses. The best technology to help you see clearly is anti fog lenses, as they are a one-off payment that does not need replacing. With anti fog lenses, you do not need to reapply a coating, saving you both time and money in the long run. 

Anti fog lenses can range from being very expensive to affordable. Here at, we can offer anti fog lenses of the highest quality at affordable prices. We believe that everyone is entitled to a clear vision, so we want to make our lenses as affordable as possible. We can put new anti fog lenses into your current frames or offer you new frames to complement your lenses. Using an online platform such as is easy and convenient. We offer free shipping on our orders and cut out any wait times and shop front prices that you will have with a traditional high-street optician. 

Our expert staff is here to answer any questions that you may have about anti fog lenses, so contact us today.

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