How Much Does it Cost to Put Prescription Lenses in Frames?

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There's a tremendous amount of information online regarding the process and costs involved in putting prescription lenses in frames. This is both a blessing and a curse. How do you know which information is correct? And which information is incorrect?

We will demystify the process of an eyeglass lens replacement and guide you through the process of what you can do, with recommendations from our eye care experts here at We'll also inform you of the costs and how much you could expect to spend when replacing your eyeglasses' lenses.

How Much Are Lenses For Glasses? 

We have created a chart to make it easier for you to shop for replacement lenses.


Single Vision 


Review Stars

Delivery Time




1 to 2 weeks


$77/ pair

$177/ pair


2 to 3 weeks


$65/ pair

$145/ pair


2 to 3 weeks


$69/ pair

$159/ pair


2 to 3 weeks


$39/ pair

$59/ pair


2 to 3 weeks

The Costs Of Putting Prescription Lenses Into Frames.

    These prices indicate the typical costs you will find from online optical service providers such as However, we go one step further in only using the finest Essilor brand lenses, which give you the best sharpness, clarity, and durability on the market. Our team also goes one step further and offers an unbeatable level of customer service. This is because we believe that this service should be affordable and treated with the care and attention deserving of your eye health.


You might be thinking that these costs are high but are still significantly lower than what you would be paying at a brick and mortar opticians (sometimes as much as four times as expensive) and are paltry in comparison to the same services offered by companies offering prescription lenses with luxury brands such as Oakley, Versace, and Ray-Bans – they often charge ten times as much for a similar level of quality as you'll be paying for their logo.


Can I Reuse Old Frames To Save Money? What Is The Process?

You can certainly use your current or older frames to save money. This process differs from service provider to service provider, but we will inform you of our approach to give insight into putting replacement lenses into frames. 

Can I Put Prescription Lenses Into Any Frames?

 As a general rule of thumb, you can put your prescription lenses into any frame. However, sometimes your prescription or type of replacement lens isn't compatible with your frame. Opticians often inform you after an eye exam if there will be any restrictions regarding the types of frames you can use.

This can be off-putting to many people. This is because we grow familiar with a specific frame that no longer matches our prescription or that the frame style is no longer made or out of stock. However, it is best not to stress too much about this, though.

Customize your lenses and get them measured, cut, and grind your new prescription lenses to match your preferred frame style. Thankfully, this is no longer relegated to people that can afford this service. Techniques and technologies have become cheaper, so this service is now available to the vast majority of people looking to replace their eyeglasses' lenses.

On the other hand, the frame you choose must be an "optical" grade. This means that the frames have the right grooves that enable a prescription lens to fit and sit within the frame. Low-end frames and cheaper off-the-shelf models typically do not have this groove, meaning you won't be able to remove the old lens and replace it with the new prescription lens.

Some sunglasses also cannot include a prescription lens if they are designed with a larger "shield" type design as there is no separate lens for the left and right eye. Frames that are too large or too curved can also be challenging to include a prescription too.

To make sure if your frames can fit prescription lenses, get in touch with our opticians, and they'll be able to tell you if your frames as "rxable." If a frame is "rxable," it means that your prescription can be fitted into the frames (It's where we got our name from too).

Our Process

All you need to do is choose your lens design and material by browsing through our selection on We use only the finest Essilor brand lenses, meaning you'll get the best combination of lens durability and optical sharpness. If you need help choosing the right combination to fit your needs, please email us at

After choosing your replacement lenses, we email you a pre-paid shipping label at no extra cost to you as soon as we receive your order. You use this label to send us your eyeglasses frames, and in the meantime, we will begin the order for your Essilor prescription lenses and get them ready.

This part of the process involves our expert team to measure, cut, and grind your new lenses to your doctor's prescription. We have high standards when it comes to the creation of your new lenses to fit your eyeglasses frames – therefore, expect this process to take a day or two or fine-tuning and perfecting to get them just right.

After we've fitted your new prescription lenses to your old (or new) frames, we post them back to you. This part of the process typically takes between 3-5 days to arrive, but we will keep you informed all the time with tracking information.

And, finally, we offer assistance and help even after the sale too! We wear our customer service like a badge of honor and always strive to make buying prescription lenses easy, convenient, and as affordable as possible!


Can I Put My Old Lenses In New Frames? 

In most cases, you can put old lenses into new frames, as long as the frames are of the same type and size as the ones you used to have. An optician would have to double-check to ensure that your prescription doesn't affect the eyewear you use so that you are less likely to have potential problems in the future.

We recommend seeing if your old prescription lenses are scratched or chipped before fitting them into new frames. This is because we take our eyeglass lens replacement job seriously at to make sure you get the absolute best when it comes to quality eyewear that will fit your needs and surpass your expectations.

However, we do not recommend reusing old lenses. This is because your eyes and how they react to specific types and strengths of lenses change over time, meaning that you need to get an eye care professional to test your eyesight every two years or earlier when you notice problems such as constant headaches, soreness eyes, or blurry vision.

Make Sure You Get The Right Prescription Lenses.

Competition has been rising over the last few years to get eyeglasses lens replacements for your new (or old) frames – and not only from brick and mortar stores but also from online optics retailers.

Rx-able offers an attractive solution to getting affordable prescription lenses into frames that you'll love to wear. We custom cut and fit every pair of lenses to fit your exact prescription requirements and desires. Our passionate team can assist you through the entire process, so you are informed at every step of your eyewear journey to end up with a new pair of glasses that will protect your eyesight and show off your style.

Not only do we succeed in this, but we provide the absolute best when it comes to customer care and offer you quality lenses at a fraction of the price of physical retailers. Be sure to get in touch if you have any questions, and sign up for our FREE newsletter to be informed of useful advice regarding prescription eyewear, money-saving tips, and more! 

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