The Best & Worst Ways To Fix Broken Eyeglasses

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The Best & Worst Ways To Fix Broken Eyeglasses

If you wear glasses, you've probably experienced the unpleasant experience of having your spectacles break. It's possible you stepped on them, they landed on something hard, the dog ate them, or they simply snapped as they grew older. Whatever happened, you have a problem because you need to view those things. For instances like this, I always recommend that people have a backup or extra set of glasses, but I know from personal experience that spectacles break at the worst possible time, and usually when you don't have a spare pair. Glasses are always a challenge in the hands of their owner. Whether it's sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses.

The next parts will explain the best and worst ways for fixing eyeglasses.

  • Can you fix snapped glasses?
  • Can Gorilla Glue fix broken glasses?
  • How much does it cost to fix glasses?
  • What causes stress cracks in eyeglasses?
  • What comes in a glasses repair kit?
  • Does Walmart fix glasses for free?
  • How much do lenses cost at Rx-able?
  • Are glasses lens replacement cheaper at Rx-able?

Can you Fix Snapped Glasses?

The glasses lens replacement is a procedure to fix glasses frames that are broken or damaged. The answer is complicated because it is dependent on the type of harm that has occurred. We usually need to inspect the frame to determine whether we can make a quicker repair, whether we need to buy parts, or if the glasses are beyond repair.

There are many ways glasses can break, including being dropped on the ground, smashed in the washing machine, or dog-biting them when you're not looking. Fortunately, there's more than one way to fix glasses when they're broken! In this blog post, we'll share our favorite (and least favorite) methods for fixing glasses frames so you'll never have to worry about going without your glasses again.

The best way to fix glasses frames is by replacing the lenses with new ones. This fixes glasses that are severely broken, which can be done at most eyeglasses repair stores or optometrist offices or stores.

A second option for fixing glasses when they're broken is to use epoxy glue and seal the frame together so it's as good as new. However, there are researches that the worst way to fix glasses frames is with superglue, this will cause a frame to be either permanently damaged or come apart after some use. The best thing you can do when glasses are broken is replaced them.

The third best way to fix glasses frames is by using nail polish remover and a cotton ball, this will remove any ink or grime from the lens that may have been put there by the glasses breaking.

The fourth way glasses can be fixed is through a process called "gluing". The general rule of thumb for glasses repair is that if it's only minor, you should have no problem fixing glasses frames. If glasses are very smashed, this process might not work as well.

If you've tried and failed to fix your eyeglass frames on your own, it's time to seek professional help.

Online optical shops feature a lab where they may repair frames, replace screws or nose pads, and do other eyeglass repairs and lens replacement at

Can Gorilla Glue Fix Broken Glasses?

Gorilla Glue is one of the best glue that can fix a broken glasses, it was released as the Best Glue for Plastic Eyeglass Frames For 2020

To ensure the most effective hold when using gorilla glue, carefully polish the glass surface and the surface to which it will be attached. Gorilla glue attaches when it comes into contact with moisture, so softly dampen both surfaces, apply the gorilla glue (don't use too much), and apply gentle pressure. When you leave the glue cure for 24 hours then it is ready to use.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Glasses?

The costs of fixing glasses and glasses lens replacement have no precise value. It is important to consider how much an optical shop's fee would be.

The time it takes to repair, the material the frame is constructed of, and the difficulty of the repair are the three major factors that influence the cost of your glasses repair.

The time it takes to repair eyeglasses is determined by the type of repairs needed and the frame's material

A nose pad arm, for example, could have broken off. The pad will need to be replaced and reattached. How this is accomplished, as well as the time necessary, is highly dependent on the frame's material. Welding is frequently required for titanium frame repairs.

The cost of eyeglass repair is influenced by the part that has to be repaired or replaced. Repairing or replacing a nose pad is less expensive than replacing a temple, which is only an example to show how the item to be fixed or replaced might affect the overall repair cost.

To help you with an affordable price in fixing or glasses lens replacement.

What Causes Stress Cracks in Eyeglasses?

This form of crack develops in heat-reinforced and annealed glass. It comes from the apex of the cliff. It occurs as a result of the glass releasing stress. It may be deceiving in some circumstances. When annealed glass is exposed to heat fluctuations and produces more glass than it can handle, it cracks to relieve the tension. It occurs as a result of a flaw in the design. Stress cracks, on the other hand, can cause serious damage. From the glass's edge, one can see the difference. You'll find chips if there's been a breakage.

Here are some of the factors that may cause stress cracks in eyeglasses,

The Anti-Reflective Adherence

So we've proved that pushing lenses into frames that are too tiny might alter their curvature. Anti-reflective coatings may become crazed as a result of this problem.

Although the back curve will bend similarly to the front lens performance will remain largely unchanged – the lens will continue to bend until it appears to be rather poor. That's a reflection of your character. A vertically fractured AR, a lens that falls out, or an eyewire that's also extensively deformed and stretched are among of the possible results.

The Lens Strength

Consider the lens with stress fractures in the same way you would a cracked windshield in your car. We all know that a car windshield with a crack is less durable than one without any flaws. We also know that a single crack in a windshield can quickly deteriorate into a windshield with multiple cracks. The truth is that if the lens' internal structure is destroyed, the overall strength and impact resistance of the lens may be impaired. 

The Material Matters

Stress fracturing is more common in some lens materials than in others. Standard plastic, for example, is the most prone to cracking; polycarbonate is one of the most common causes of stress fracturing, but the crack spreads slowly. Stress fractures are significantly less likely to occur in lens materials like Trivex. Trivex has a much higher tensile strength than polycarbonate, resulting in better performance and virtually fewer stress fractures.

The Sizing

If you have ever put together a set of spectacles and thought to yourself, "If I just turn this screw one more rotation, these glasses would appear nicer since the gap at the eye wire junction will be gone." So you put all of your efforts into tightening that eyewire screw a little more. In this scenario, though, you're enabling the creation of stress fractures.

The Curve

To get a better understanding of this, we'll need to go back to the basics of base curve theory. Keep in mind that the front base curve minus the back base curve equals the entire prescription. It's also worth noting that healthy eyesight necessitates consistent lens curvature. Consider a steeper and more irregular base curve as a result of being crammed into a narrower frame. 

What Comes in a Glasses Repair Kit?

Here are the usual things included in some glasses repair kits.

  • 2 plastic starters and 3 screwdrivers
  • There are 9 screws and two nose pads.
  • There are four comfort pads.
  • 1 magnifier and 1 lens cloth.
  • A case for storing things.

Others may vary depending on the optical shops.

Does Walmart Fix Glasses for Free?

Only simple repairs, including replacing a screw, straightening a bent frame, or putting a loose lens back into the frame, are available at Walmart's Vision Centers. If you bought your glasses from Walmart, we were told that Walmart may pay repairs under warranty for problems like scratched lenses. The length of time it takes to repair the damage will depend on the severity of the damage and the availability of technicians. Walmart will not be able to repair your frames if they are actually broken.

We enlisted the help of Walmart customers to address this question.

"It's true. If you purchased your glasses there and they are still covered by the manufacturer's warranty, the manufacturer will repair them for free. Otherwise, it's unlikely that you'll be able to get a free repair. Simply take them to Walmart to give it a shot. Eyeglass temple repair is believed to be costly for prescription eyeglasses, especially if they are not covered by a warranty. As a result, it is suggested that you attempt to repair it yourself. There are several options to consider when it comes to quickly and easily repair eyeglass temples online. First and foremost, you must define the issue. " - Casebel

"They should if you bought the frames there, they are under warranty, and it broke under normal use. You will have to pay for a new temple if it is broken due to misuse and needs to be replaced." - Bernadette

How much do Lenses Cost at Rx-able?

The pricing on varies depending on the lens and coating you select and whether it is for an eyeglass lens replacement.

The basic anti-reflective coating improves eyesight, reduces eye strain, and eliminates unattractive reflections. The four-layer coating improves light transmission, reduces reflection, and increases scratch resistance. Our regular single vision lenses start at $25 and our standard progressive lenses start at $29 per. Anti-reflective coatings are free with single vision lenses and $45 for our Essilor and Varilux progressive lenses when you buy Essilor lenses.

Are Replacement Lenses Cheaper at Rx-able?

If you've tried and failed to fix your eyeglass frames on your own, it's time to seek professional help. Online optical shops feature a lab where they may repair existing frames, replace screws or nose pads, replace your lenses, and do other eyeglasses repairs, better check our online glasses lens replacement options.

The glasses lens replacement cost depends on what you need. Glasses can be replaced with a new frame and new lenses, which is more expensive when compared to only replacing Rx lenses. A great way of saving money on your glasses lens replacements is by purchasing affordable frames that don't have a prescription or anti-reflective coating - this will save you a lot of money!

If glasses lens replacement is what you're looking for, be sure to check out the range of glasses lenses at Rx-able. They offer glasses frames and glasses lenses that can fit your style or requirements at affordable prices. All glasses frame repairs are under warranty which provides convenience when it comes to ensuring they will provide the best service.


Glasses lens replacement costs may vary depending on the glasses and components you need to be replaced. Glasses can be replaced with a new frame or lenses, making it scratch resistant, but replacing only glasses lenses is more affordable for those who have no prescription or anti-reflective coating. All glasses frame repairs come with a warranty to provide convenience when it comes to glasses lens replacement. Buying glasses frames that don't have a prescription or anti-reflective coating can save you money when it comes to glasses lens replacements! All glasses frame repairs come with a warranty which provides convenience for those who need glasses lens replacement services.

We recommend Rx-able optical store for your eyewear, prescription lenses or high index lenses, and glasses lens replacement and the cost is all worth it!

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