What Does Anti Glare Glasses Do?

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If you own a pair of glasses, you’ve likely been offered the optional extra of anti-glare before. However, what exactly is anti-glare, and is it worth purchasing? To put it simply, anti-glare is a coating that is applied to the lenses, reducing glare from sunlight, computer screens, and any other light sources.

There are various benefits of this additional extra, including better vision (thanks to less glare), potentially improved life span of your glasses, and more, of which will be discussed. With this in mind, the remainder of this blog post will explain more about anti-glare, including what it does and whether or not it’s worth purchasing.

Reduced Eye Strain


To begin with, anti-glare glasses reduce eye strain. This is because you are no longer required to squint to avoid over-exposure to light. Furthermore, less light is able to reach your eye (the light which negatively impacts your vision). 

Not only does reduce eye strain results in greater comfort wearing your glasses and reduced fatigue, but it also means you may need a new pair of glasses much less sooner than usual. Generally, the more strain your eyes go through, the more your vision will deteriorate. Therefore, it’s essential to protect your eye health at all costs, whether with anti-reflective coatings or a brand new pair of anti-glare glasses. 

Improved Vision 


Second, when you wear a pair of anti-glare glasses, your vision improves. This is because less light is reflecting off your glasses and instead able to reach your eyes thoroughly. This reduces the need to squint to improve vision, allowing you to gain deep focus, whether driving, working at a computer, or playing sports.

This is often a reason (improved vision while driving) for many glasses-wearers to purchase anti-glare glasses or a reflective coating. Improved vision can go a long way, certainly improving safety while operating vehicles, machinery, or even going about everyday tasks. 

Less Blue Light Exposure 


Finally, anti-glare glasses allow you to reduce blue light exposure. Blue light is the light from screens, like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This light is bad for the eyes, and too much of it can not only cause strain but trick our brain into thinking it’s the sun, causing many sleep problems for various people.

For this reason, and while blue light should be avoided before bed, wearing a pair of anti-glare glasses lessens the strain and reduced blue light exposure, improving vision, reducing fatigue, and allowing you to hit the pillow a little sooner.

To Conclude 

If you don’t currently own a pair of anti-glare glasses, it could be worth considering the upgrade. These glasses allow you to reduce eye fatigue, reduce blue light exposure, improve vision, and more. 

Whether you’re a full-time glasses wearer or only wear these while driving, you are sure to benefit, improving your vision, increasing safety (for specific tasks), and making your life a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. Oh, and that blue light reduction will finally allow you to get a good night’s sleep!

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