What Does Anti Fog Coating Mean On Glasses?

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What Does Anti Fog Coating Mean On Glasses_

In the past year, glasses-wearers have been confronted with a new challenge – mask fog. As we wear a mask more often as a defense against Covid-19, we are frequently finding it challenging to see as our warm breath is pushed upwards, hitting our cold glasses lenses and creating condensation or fogging. While wearing a mask may be compulsory in some areas and essential to controlling the pandemic, it is incredibly frustrating having to take off glasses frequently to wipe them clear. 

Glasses wearers have spoken about their frustration of steamed up glasses, looking for an adequate solution. Here at rx-able, we have introduced different products that are anti-fog for glasses, which help you tackle this inconvenient problem head-on. Anti-fog technology reduces the amount of fog or condensation that builds upon the lenses, and therefore makes it easier for glasses wearers to see, even while wearing a mask.


How Do Anti-Fog Agents Work?

Anti-fog agents are there to make sure that moisture does not coat your glasses, making it impossible to see clearly. Most anti-fog sprays are made of a hydrophilic solution that gets rid of any kind of moisture droplets. The hydrophilic coating means that water droplets don’t split up into small droplets causing fog. Instead, they form a thin non-scattering layer that you can see through perfectly.

Anti-fog products can be very effective and are already commonly used by many different types of occupations, including professional athletes, the military, and motorcyclists who rely on their vision being clear and not distorted. It is also used in many safety glasses to avoid any unfortunate workplace accidents, so the technology has a reliable track record.

What Options Are There For Anti Fog Technology On My Glasses?

There are two main options for anti-fog technology – applying a coating or purchasing specially developed anti-fog lenses. Each option does have its advantages and disadvantages, which we have included below for you, along with a detailed description of each product. Both of these products are available on rx-able .com and come highly recommended as the best way to tackle this inconvenient problem.


Anti Fog Lenses

Rx-able.com is able to offer clear, fog-free prescription lenses, even while you are wearing a mask. This product has been described as the best anti-fog product on the market as these lenses do not have a coating that wears off and does not need additional solutions. It is a newer product on the market, but many experts say there is no better choice for anti-fog solutions. 


Cleaning these special lenses could also not be easier as it is recommended that they are cleaned with simple dish detergent and wiped with a microfiber cloth, which is included with the lenses. Anti-fog lenses are available for most single vision prescriptions and can be installed in your existing metal, plastic, semi-rimless frames. Or you can select a brand-new, high-quality frame from the rx-able website that has the new lenses added to these. 


A significant advantage of these lenses is that you are not required to reapply the coating regularly, saving both time and effort. In addition to this, you are not buying an anti-fog spray or wipe, meaning that this choice is far more environmentally friendly as it leads to less waste and will be more economical in the long run. Anti-fog lenses are more expensive than other anti-fog products on the market. However, rx-able.com brings you the highest quality lenses at a fair and affordable price.

Anti Fog Spray

If you do not want to replace your existing prescription lenses, then there is a second way to achieve anti-fog technology on your lenses. An anti-fog spray applies a clean and clear layer of anti-fog protection on your lenses. Anti-fog spray should be applied daily for the best results, although the coating can last up to 5 days. 

Anti-fog sprays are among the most best-selling products on the market in recent months due to glasses steaming up on mask wearers. What you might not know, however, is that the spray is so effective that it can prevent fog on bathroom mirrors and the inside of car windscreens during the cold winter months, so it is a very powerful product. 

To apply the product, spray on both sides of the lens surface, let it dry and then wipe the lenses. However, if you have anti-reflective lenses, we would not recommend this product as lab tests have shown the spray to be ineffective on anti-reflective coating. 

A significant advantage of this is that you do not have the costly expense of replacing your eyeglass lenses and the spray is a much more affordable alternative. However, the spray will run out, meaning that you will need to repurchase it, so work this into your budget costings. In addition to this, the spray does need to be reapplied, unlike the lenses, and therefore does require more time and effort.



Anti-fog coatings mean that you will see clearly regardless of whether you are wearing a mask or experiencing a sudden change of temperature causing your glasses to steam up. They do this with their unique coating that doesn’t let water droplets split into tiny particles. By using either an anti-fog spray or specially developed anti-fog lenses, you don’t have to keep removing your glasses to clean them – the anti-fog coating does the hard work for you!

Rx-able.com stocks both of these options and conveniently offers free shopping on their orders. Ordering from an online optical service means no appointment waiting times and shop front prices. If you have any questions their expert staff are waiting to be contacted. 

So what are you waiting for? Browse rx-able’s anti-fog options today to ensure that your lenses stay clean and clear.

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