What are Transition Lenses?

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What are Transition Lenses

Transition lenses, also sometimes referred to as photochromic lenses, lighten and darken in response to light. Essentially, this is replacing a pair of sunglasses, doubling up, and adding convenience, removing the need for you to switch between two pairs. 

The benefits of transition lenses are several. However, there are also a few downsides in which you may need to consider. So, with this in mind, this is precisely what this article will discuss, helping you decide whether or not transition lenses are the right fit for you. 

Transition lenses are convenient 

It may seem obvious, but transition lenses are super convenient. This saves you from carrying a pair of regular prescription glasses and a pair of sunglasses when in the sun. This can be great for driving, adjusting as the day progresses, and providing you with the clearest vision.

This is one of the biggest reasons why many glasses wearers choose to invest in photochromic lenses, adding convenience to their everyday lives.

Enhanced eye protection

Second, wearing transition lenses will help protect your eyes. This is because they also function as a pair of sunnies, filtering out UV light from the sun and protecting your eyes in the long run. This can reduce deterioration of the vision and generally promotes overall good eye health. 

Transition lenses are not as expensive as you may think

When you first hear of transition lenses, they sound expensive - we agree. However, these are a cost-effective option, especially when purchasing a pair of regular prescription glasses and sunglasses. 

Combining the two provides you with the best of both worlds, a simple solution at an affordable and cost-effective price.

Photochromic lenses may not be the best in cars

This varies from brand to brand; however, not all transition lenses are the best for driving. This is because they can sometimes not darken enough, perhaps limiting your vision and increasing your risk of an accident while driving.

Therefore, to combat this, you should speak with an eye doctor, asking for recommendations on the best pair of transition glasses for you.

Many, many styles are available

Transition lenses are trendy and are available in various styles from top designer brands, alongside more affordable options. Alternatively, you can also buy transition lenses to put into your existing frames, available at RX-Able.com or in certain opticians. 

Nonetheless, choosing your frame first and then transition lenses later provides you with much more customization, allowing you to pick the perfect pair and shape for your face.

To Conclude 

Transition lenses are not new - they’ve been around for over a decade. However, they are still popular, a great alternative to owning both a pair of regular prescription glasses and a pair of sunglasses.

Many glasses-wearers have never heard of these lenses, but once they learn what they are, they are sold on the idea instantly. If you want to try them out yourself, fitting these into an existing pair of glasses, then we can help you out.

Visit RX-Able.com and check out our selection of transition lenses.

Transition Lenses

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