What is the difference from Prescription Reading glasses and Readers?

Readers also referred to as Cheaters or Over-The-Counter Glasses, Magnifiers.

They are easily found online and in stores and are great for many people that need help with close up work. 

They come in powers referred to as diopter or "X" strength, usually quarter steps and start at +1.00 up to +4.00.  

The main difference between the two is that readers are a magnifier over your uncorrected vision.  In other words they just enlarge the print. They don't sharpen your vision. 

Many people need some sort of visual correction in order to see clearly.  prescription reading glasses correct your vision first, and then a magnifier is add to that prescription for the reading distance you need. Your optometrist can prescribe reading glasses for computer distance, book distance, sewing distance and hobbies.

 Prescription reading glasses can be covered under vision insurance. Please reach out to your insurance provider for more information on reimbursement for the order.