No PD Needed

How come we don't require a PD? Everybody else does! 

Well, we do need a PD to make sure your lenses are aligned with your pupils. 

But, we know it can be a hassle getting a PD from your eye doctor, or doing it yourself.

We have a better idea. Use your smart phone camera to take a selfie with your frames on and send us the image. 

If you take a selfie with just a headshot we will know what your PD is. Things to keep in mind 

  • Wear the glasses comfortably, like you usually would.
  • Hold your phone camera an arm's distance from your face
  • Make sure you take the picture from the front (No side shots) 
  • Make sure the head is eye level with the camera (Don't tilt your head either up or down)
  • Make sure we can see your eyes in the picture
  • One more thing. Don't forget to smile!