Eyeglass Lens Replacement Walmart

If you are thinking about replacing lenses in your own frames and you want to know if Walmart replaces new lenses in old frames?  Here is the information you need to know. 

Prescription lenses need to be replaced for different reasons. Most common reason for needing new lenses in your own frame is you recently went to the eye doctor and your prescription has changed.   Prescription lenses need to be changed when they get too scratched and you can no longer see through them.  Or maybe you purchased a new complete pair of eyeglasses and you want to use the old frame as a back up pair, maybe polarized sunglasses with your new prescriptions. Many people just can't find a style they like better than their existing eyeglasses frame. Maybe your dog thinks your prescription lenses are his new chew toy? 

Don't get me started on the cost of new frames. Why are they so expensive? Your old frames are still in good condition and why buy new frames when you only need new lenses? 

Does Walmart replace lenses in my own frames?  

It depends on which Walmart you go to. Some Walmart's will replace the lenses in your frames and since they want to sell their own frames they usually add $25.00 to the cost of the lenses in a customer's own frame. 

You will need to call your local Walmart to find out their individual policy for your location. 

Rx-able doesn't charge any additional for new lenses in your own frame. In fact that is our business. We replace lenses in customers frames hundreds of times a day. We are experts at this. We make it so easy too. 

We send you a pre-paid shipping label for you to send us your frame. (Free return shipping too.)

We don't make you go through the hassle of getting your PD. 

Are prices are the same or better than Walmart and we usually have a coupon running that can save you even more money. 

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